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Rangemaster: A Colour for Any Kitchen Design

Rangemaster are one of Britain’s most loved range cooking brands thanks to their unrivalled performance. A Rangemaster range cooker covers all your cooking needs, whether you prefer using a fan, gas, or electric setting, and whether you’re frying, grilling, or steaming.

With a grand total of 526 different Rangemaster options available to buy from us, you can hand-select your choice of model, colour, size, and fuel type!

The one aspect where your input isn’t required is the energy label. Every Rangemaster cooker boasts an A rating, showcasing exceptional energy efficiency.

The Colour Variety

With a collection of 16 (and counting) colours to choose from, there is no argument that Rangemaster are masters in colour range.

Whether you’re looking for a classic black or stainless steel for a sleek, stylish and timeless feel, or you want to make a bright and bold statement, Rangemaster has a colour option for you! 

In this article, we go through our office favourites to show you how a simple colour change can transform your kitchen.

View our full colour collection here.

China Blue

If you’re looking for a colour that exudes freshness, look no further than the enchanting China Blue. The vintage-inspired China Blue range cooker is light, pure and retro, making it an ideal choice for adding radiance into your space while seamlessly blending in. It’s no surprise that blue has secured the 5th spot in‘s list of The Top 10 Most Popular Kitchen Colours for 2023, proof of its lasting popularity.


Cranberry has become a popular colour choice here at Appliance City, which comes as no shock. This captivating pop of colour creates a warm and inspiring focal point in all your kitchen endeavours. The bold and dynamic appearance is bound to ignite your creativity, encouraging a diverse exploration of flavours and culinary combinations that perfectly match its vibrancy.


Instantly brighten up your space with the charm of this crisp and clean white hue, enhancing any and all natural light. Seamlessly integrating with both modern and traditional styles, a white range cooker will become a flawless addition to your dream white kitchen décor. The pure white hue of these cookers brings a sense of purity and simplicity, serving as a blank canvas that places your culinary creations in the spotlight.


Discover the stunning allure of ivory. If you’re into classic, refined and tranquil interiors then ivory is your perfect choice. Moreover, timeless and luxurious, qualities you imagine in your dream range cooker, are beautifully expressed in this ivory finish. From sleek, contemporary kitchens to cosy farmhouse-inspired spaces, ivory casts serenity and grace, establishing itself as an enchanting centrepiece.

Mineral Green

Green is becoming an increasingly favoured colour in many people’s homes. This trend is due to many reasons. Firstly, ranging from its ability to evoke feelings of calm and balance, to its role in promoting relaxation and reducing stress. Furthermore, Rangemaster has masterfully harnessed the potential of this shade of green, with a final outcome of elegance and sophistication. This mineral green hue gives you a cool-toned, earthy green with undertones of blue, infusing your emerald green kitchen with a soothing vibe.

Charcoal Black

Timeless, elegant, and sophisticated; a winning combination in any kitchen, and exactly what you’ll get with a charcoal black range cooker. A sleek and stylish black, this shade will compliment a variety of kitchen designs, from the contemporary to the classic, adapting beautifully to any changes of décor colours. In addition to the visual appeal, a charcoal black cooker also stands as a captivating focal point in the kitchen, commanding attention and adding an air of drama to the heart of your culinary haven.

Being such a highly sought after colour, we have an expansive selection of range cookers in Charcoal Black. 

Olive Green

Add a burst of flavourful excitement in your kitchen with another green kitchen idea. An olive green finish is one of Rangemaster’s unique and distinctive designs that can help your kitchen stand out. With its rich and organic tones, olive green creates a warm and welcoming ambiance that beckons you to venture into uncharted culinary territories and unleash your flavour-packing experiments. Beyond aesthetics, these range cookers have the power to breathe a refreshing sense of vitality into your kitchen space.

Stone Blue

Add a wave of personality to your kitchen with a captivating stone blue range cooker. Moreover, the smooth and refined tones of stone blue create an atmosphere that can balance relaxation and invigoration, transforming your cooking endeavours into thrilling culinary journeys. These range cookers effortlessly blend high-performance functionality with elegance, enduring the infusion of distinctive character and increased value to your blue kitchen.

More than just colours…

Now that we’ve delved into  the most enticing Rangemaster colours, let’s also explore the remarkable cooking functionalities that await!

Rangemaster dual fuel range cookers typically offer multiple ovens and hobs, allowing you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously at different temperatures. These ovens come with various functions –  fan-assisted, conventional, steam and grill – allowing the creation of diverse meals, from succulent roasts to delectable baked treats. A multi-functional oven is often included, with modes like defrosting, slow cooking, and bread proving.

Additionally, many models have a dedicated grill compartment, perfect for grilling steaks, burgers, and veggies. The hobs also offer a range of options, including gas burners, ceramic zones, and induction. This makes them suitable for different cooking techniques.

Looking to complete your kitchen?

We have plenty more wonderful Rangemaster products in our cooking, extraction, laundry and refrigeration lines. This includes our fantastic range of American-Style Fridge Freezers.

Now that we’ve helped you choose your dream range cooker, we’re dedicated to simplifying the installation process too. Discover our professional installation service. Call our experts on 0115 965 1937 for further guidance and assistance.

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