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Panasonic Washing Machine Guide

Panasonic Washing Machine Guide

Panasonic washing machines clean perfectly and care for your clothes. Efficient washing programmes and quiet operation enable you to have more flexibility in your life, while their eco-friendly features save both water and energy. The newest Panasonic washing machines are kind to the environment in two ways, they save both precious energy and water helping you to make a difference.

Panasonic has developed a range of innovative, highly efficient technologies, so you can save as much energy and water as possible with every wash. The 3D sensor, Perfect Sense, HydroActive+ and Inverter motor all work together perfectly to ensure clean results and the best possible resource savings in equal measure.

The innovative 3D sensor by Panasonic precisely measures the amount of clothes inside the drum, and then communicates this information to Perfect Sense, which optimally adapts the energy and water needed. This not only ensures precious resources are not wasted, but also the best
possible washing performance regardless of the size of the load.

Complementing the other energy saving features, HydroActive+ uses five multi-directional showers to ensure the most efficient washing possible. These showers rapidly deliver water to fully dissolve the detergent into the wash and provide thorough rinsing, resulting in less time and energy used.

The innovative Inverter motor inside many Panasonic washing machines receives information from the 3D sensor to determine the number of drum rotations needed. This enables the motor to work most efficiently according to the size of the load and also to ensure energy savings. Not only does the Inverter motor come with a ten year warranty, it is brushless making the motor extremely quiet for a more comfortable washing experience.

With a top-of-the-line Panasonic washing machine, you have ‘Eco Speed’ mode giving you three choices as to how you want to do your washing. Select ‘Normal Wash’ for efficient washing with normal energy consumption – or ‘Speed Wash’ for shorter washing times. The ‘Eco Wash’ is great if you want to take advantage of resource saving washing.

The lower the washing temperature, the more energy you save. That is why Panasonic washing machines feature the ‘15°C Wash’ cycle, which lets you wash your clothes at a super low 15°C. They come out perfectly clean and you save energy!

Because you do not want the washing machine to disturb you, Panasonic has specially engineered the Silent Arch design. Integrated into the sides of the appliance, the Silent Arch design effectively absorbs sounds which the machine naturally makes during the washing process, reducing harsh noise and vibrations. In addition, vibrations generated when the drum rotates are disbursed to ensure a quieter cycle. The newly designed Sazanami drum
features an interior with dimple shaped water spouts, ideal for thoroughly removing dirt while being kind to your clothes. The rounded edged dimples not only allow for fewer holes and less bumps than a conventional drum, they also prevent clothes from catching. This unique design also provides a high spin drying performance.

The capacity of the drum for the new NA-140VG3 Panasonic washing machine can handle up to 10kg, making it possible to wash up to 50 shirts. Plus, the wide door opening makes it easy for you to load and unload the machine. If you do not need the full capacity there is no need to worry about consumption. Thanks to the Perfect Sense technology, the amount of water and energy is automatically adapted to the amount of clothes. When you are tight on time, this washing machine features a ‘Quick 50’ programme and ‘Speed’ mode too.
Panasonic focuses on achieving long-term durability. To ensure this, they conduct a durability test with 5,000 wash cycle repetitions, a battery of other operating tests under conditions such as high temperature/high humidity and low temperature operation, and 24 hour continuous washing and high temperature cycles. Assuming that the average number of home laundry operations is 220 times a year, rigorous testing simulates about 23 years of use.

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