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Panasonic Fridge Freezer Technology

Panasonic refrigerators not only stylishly blend in with your lifestyle and kitchen décor, they also integrate a host of technology which preserves the freshness of food for longer and ensures eco-friendly operation. Panasonic offer a range of side-by-side refrigerators with intelligent storage solutions, as well as stylish 2-door bottom-freezer refrigerators – all equipped with innovative technology and modern features to provide fresh food for the whole family.

Storage (Vitamin Safe)

Standard refrigerators are normally too dry for storing fruit and vegetables, but Panasonic’s Vitamin Safe compartment creates the ideal environment for storing fresh produce. Two flashing LEDs simulate sunlight, activating the vegetables’ natural defences and stopping them from losing vitamins. The temperature can be adjusted to provide the optimum conditions for different types of fruit and vegetables, and the high humidity level stops them drying out and losing freshness.

Low Energy

Panasonic side-by-side refrigerators achieve the highest possible energy rating of A++, due to innovative technology which adjusts the power level to suit conditions. At night, the refrigerator works at a lower power level and has extra power for quick freezing if needed. Plus, the superior insulation and twin-eco-cooling system reduce the energy consumption even further.


Air Filtration (Hygiene Active)

Panasonic Hygiene Active system is a combination of technologies which protect your food from coming into contact with harmful bacteria. The system is comprised of a silver filter and a blue LED light that ensures clean air is circulated around the fridge. Together, these measures eliminate 99.9999% of harmful bacteria.


Design & Lighting

The sleek design of Panasonic fridge freezers mirrors the innovative technology that makes them perform so well. Inside, a series of LED tower lights illuminate your food using a minimum of energy and without any glare. And outside, an LED control panel lets you adjust the temperature and select options such as super freeze and eco cooling.

Low Noise

Traditional refrigerators switch on and off repeatedly to maintain temperature, which can be both noisy and wasteful. Thanks to inverter technology that uses variable power to maintain temperature, a Panasonic refrigerator turns on and off less often, using less energy and producing less noise.

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