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Neff Slide&Hide® Ovens

Man placing a baking tray into a Neff Slide&Hide oven.

Don’t let anything stand in your way with a Neff Slide&Hide® oven. Featuring a disappearing door unique to Neff, the Slide&Hide® creates a safer and easier cooking experience without limitations. This is a popular oven choice, especially after its infamous appearance on ‘The Great British Bake Off’.

All About Slide&Hide®

With a handle that slides and a door that hides, nothing will get in your way of you and your culinary dreams. Slide&Hide® oven doors smoothly disappear with just one move, simplifying cooking. Baste, taste and monitor your dish easily and fuss-free throughout the cooking process. You can even easily reach every inch of your oven cavity for a good cleaning.

The Sliding Handle

Woman closing a Slide & Hide oven

Some Slide&Hide® doors come with Neff’s easy to use revolution handle. This bevelled steel handle smoothly rotates forward as the door opens. This means it remains fully functional and accessible as it is tucked away under the oven. No awkward wrist and hand movements needed!

The Hiding Door

Woman closing a Slide & Hide oven

Short on kitchen space? The Slide & Hide® provides a great space saving solution. With the oven door tucked safely away, you’ll have more space to move around whilst reducing the risks of trips and accidents. Furthermore, you’ll eliminate the chance of burns. With no hot oven door, there’s no accidental contact!

With better access to the oven cavity, it’s also easier to lift out large and heavy items. Avoid the dangers of drops and spills when removing large joints of meat for your Sunday roast.

Slide&Hide® with Soft Open & Close

Woman closing a Slide & Hide oven

Some Slide&Hide ovens are available with Soft Open & Close. These ovens prevent unwanted clamour with a self-regulating damping system. Great for those wanting to create a little more peace in what can otherwise be a loud and busy kitchen. So no matter how much you’re rushing, your oven door will open and close gently.

Self Cleaning Technology

Neff Slide&Hide Pyro examp

With innovative Pyrolytic technology, your Slide&Hide oven will practically clean itself! Pyrolytic technology makes scrubbing the oven a thing of the past. It works by reaching high temperatures of up to an impressive 485°C which turns roasting, baking and grilling grease and spatter into ash. Once the oven has cooled you can simply wipe away the ash with a cloth. Transform your valuable time into moments of relaxation after hours of cooking.

CircoTherm® Technology

Two women cooking multiple dishes in a Neff Slide & Hide oven using CircoTherm technology.

A Neff Hide&Slide® oven also means CircoTherm® technology. But what is CircoTherm®? CircoTherm® is an innovative feature that allows you to cook multiple dishes at the same time without mixing flavours. So your chicken will taste like chicken, and your pie will taste like pie.

You will also have better cooking results thanks to an even heat distribution throughout the oven cavity, and no heat loss when opening the door.

How Does CircoTherm® Work?

CircoTherm® works simply by drawing air in from the oven with a very powerful fan. It then heats up this air and forces it back into the oven cavity. Strategically placed ducts in the rear wall means that this air is evenly distributed to cook food evenly throughout. This clever circulation of hot air allows the oven to reach desired temperatures quicker than average ovens. This also means that very little to no preheating is needed, saving you both time and energy.

3D CircoTherm® vs. 4D CircoTherm®

3D CircoTherm®

Standard on all Neff N50 single and double ovens.

This is Neff’s original CircoTherm® system. 3D CircoTherm® combines a specially designed fan and back panel to deliver even cooking & baking on up to three levels. This means you can cook, bake or roast your starter, main and dessert at the same time with no transfer of flavours.

4D CircoTherm®

Standard on all Neff N70 & N90 single ovens.

4D CircoTherm® has all the same benefits as the 3D system, but with even better heat distribution and energy efficiency. This is achieved by an electronic motor automatically switching air rotation every few minutes. 4D CircoTherm® also allows you to cook & bake on up to 4 levels at the same time.

Roast Dinners with CircoTherm®

Roast dinner cooking in a Neff Slide & Hide oven

Quickly become known as the ‘Top Chef’ for all your future family roasts. Achieve perfectly crispy roast potatoes and moist, succulent joints with CircoTherm®. The hot air generated with this innovative technology quickly seals your food. This means juices and flavours are retained, whilst producing less shrinkage of meats.

Thanks to the air circulating around your food, there’s no need to turn it during the cooking process. You’ll be provided with a perfectly even cooking result on foods you’d usually grill, such as fish, burgers and steaks.


Neff Slide&Hide® ovens offer a game-changing cooking experience with their unique disappearing door design. By providing convenience, safety, and space-saving solutions, cooking and cleaning becomes more enjoyable.

The addition of Soft Open & Close ensures a quiet kitchen atmosphere. Furthermore, the ovens feature innovative Pyrolytic self-cleaning technology, reducing the hassle of oven maintenance. The inclusion of CircoTherm® technology takes your culinary capabilities to the next level. Cook multiple dishes simultaneously with even heat distribution and no mixing of flavours. 

So, elevate your cooking game and become the ‘Top Chef’ in your kitchen with Neff Slide&Hide® ovens.

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