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Ma Ma Ma Maple Syrup! Slather, Lather or Drip it on.

Maple Syrup Day - Recipes - Appliance City

I never knew there was a day attributed to celebrating maple syrup. When I moved to the UK I could barely find maple syrup and when I could it was extortionate. These days you can get it anywhere, it’s still pretty dear but doesn’t it just taste delicious?

Maple is a flavour that is savoured year round, but is essentially an autumn / winter taste. It’s perfect with pancakes, in muffins or even to dip some crisp bacon in. It’s a magical addition to many dishes and it’s the perfect way to introduce some sweetness without the use of refined sugars. Instead of just topping up your American style pancakes with some maple syrup why not try one of these unique recipes to fit a bit of maple into your day?

Crunchy Maple French Toast with Maple Whiskey Butter

Maple Day - Crunchy Maple French Toast - Recipes - Appliance City

French toast is a lovely way to wake the family up on a cold Sunday morning. The sweet scent mixed with fresh brewed coffee is one from my childhood I’ll never forget. This recipe for Crunchy Maple French Toast from Food 52 is the grown up version of my childhood favourite. The compound whiskey maple butter is easy to make and possibly the best part of this dish.  If you love a dish with texture this one packs a punch with a crunch from cornflakes, which adds another delicious note, the chewiness of the eggy bread and creamy butter. Why not make it for Christmas Eve brunch?

Maple Glazed Chicken with Sweet Potatoes

Maple Day - Maple Glazed Sweet Potatoes - Recipes - Appliance City

I love juicy chicken with a sticky sweet sauce. This recipe from Better Homes & Gardens combines lovely perfectly cooked chicken with a sweet maple glaze and smooth rustic sweet potatoes. There is just the perfect combination of savoury and sweet in this autumnal dish perfect for cold winter nights.

Maple Ginger Roasted Pork Tenderloin

Maple Day - Maple Ginger Pork Tenderloin - Recipes - Appliance City

This pork tenderloin looks so delicious it’s making my mouth water. Feed Me Phoebe delivers tender pork with a succulent sauce in this dish. If you are looking for a dish to perk up your taste buds this time of year this one will fit the bill. I just may serve it for New Years Eve since it will go perfectly with a bit of fresh bread and a dabble of the beautiful sauce. This dish would make the perfect entree or appetiser for a party. Serve it over a bed of fresh rocket or next to a pile of homemade garlic mash the options are endless and the taste is incredible.

Maple syrup is a nectar of the gods. Good for naturally sweetening dishes, caramelising with a twist and adding a unique flavour you’ll find no where else. Make maple vinaigrettes, maple glazes and maple chutneys. Stock up on maple syrup, I have a feeling after trying these dishes you’re going to need it.

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