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Liebherr Wine Cabinets – A Summer Essential

liebherr-wtes5872Liebherr are a brand of quality, design and innovation. If you don’t know much about Liebherr, here is a little bit of history.

Liebherr was founded in 1949 with the invention of the first Liebherr tower crane, in post-war Germany. 1954 saw Liebherr go from construction machinery to the invention of refrigerators.

The Liebherr Group has grown steadily in over sixty years of corporate history. Long term investments, organic growth and strategic enhancements to the product program have proven to be significant factors for success.

Now Liebherr are incredibly well known for their quality and innovative refrigeration products, including fridges, freezers, wine cabinets, BioFresh and NoFrost appliances.

Summer’s approaching

With summer fast approaching (we hope) the need for the perfect refrigeration appliance becomes a real must in most homes. Whether it be a fridge/freezer or a wine cabinet. In this case, wine cabinets are the topic of discussion. And to be honest, why anything else?!

You don’t have to be a wine expert to appreciate a beautifully designed wine cabinet. I may not appreciate a fine wine, or in fact know anything about wine at all but I can definitely appreciate the beauty of a great quality designed cabinet. Liebherr wine cabinets for sure are a thing of beauty. A real summer essential for any home.

Liebherr wine cabinets are not just great to look at, they are technically smart too. The ability to have different zones at different temperatures, a cooler temperature at the bottom of the cabinet moving up to a warmer temperature at the top meaning you can accommodate all your favourites wines and champagne. Sounds smart right? Well it is.

Liebherr do 3 types of wine cabinets. The Vinidor, Vinothek and Grand Cru.


The Vinidor Range

The Vinidor range combines all the advantages of wine storage cabinets and multi-temperature wine cabinets in one appliance of greatness. This range offers 2 or 3 wine compartments enabling you to individually set each compartment to the exact degree you require. For example, in the WTES5872 wine cabinet – red wine, white wine and champagne can be kept at their individual recommended serving temperatures in the same appliance and therefore making you the hostess with the mostess. These cabinets also provide the facility to set the ideal temperature for storing large quantities of wine over a longer period of time. The wine compartments vary in size to accommodate any personal selection and variety of wines.

Just to recap, the Vinidor can offer you either 2 or 3 individually controllable climate zones between +5°C and +20°C and accurate to within +/-1°C. This range also offers great flexibility and facilitates the combined storage of red and white wines at the correct serving or long term storage temperatures. So you don’t have to worry about the temperature of your favourite wines being wrong when you come to pour them.


These appliances are equipped with solid wooden shelves mounted on telescopic rails. The handcrafted shelves made from untreated wood are ideal for storing Bordeaux bottles safely, providing a clear view and easy access. So the Vinidor will look impressive anywhere in your home. Storing bottles neck to neck facilitates a maximum storage capacity so space is never an issue. The clip on labelling system provides a quick and clear overview of your wine store. Set up your own wine shop for you and your friends to admire (and drink of course, it won’t drink itself.. well it might if someone else gets there first). Get your own extravagant wine tasting parties going, grow a vineyard in your back garden. I mean why not – or, just simply buy the wine and enjoy how hassle free it now is to store and drink accordingly.

The practical presentation shelf of the Vinidor models fulfils both bottle storage and bottle presentation functions. The bottles can be stored horizontally at the back of the interior.


The electronic LCD display is an innovative design feature. Clear menu navigation and a touch-electronic control system provides more information for tailored storage conditions, so if you have something specific in mind – it can be done, easily and efficiently. The digital temperature display can be read from the outside of appliances with glass doors. The touch-electronic navigation ensures easy selection and use of the numerous control functions. The Vinidor 2 and 3 zone models feature an integrated door seal in the dividing shelf to maintain correct individual temperatures. So there shouldn’t be a cross over of temperatures once set.


Multi-temperature wine cabinets – Vinothek

Multi-temperature wine cabinets from the Vinothek range offer versatile storage for different types of wine, each at its perfect drinking temperature. Having a party and inviting people who drink a combination of red, white, rose and champagne? This is where a wine cabinet that is technically smart comes in. The innovative climate technology that is used creates a graduated temperature zone from up to +18°C and down to +5°C. In this way the variety of wines can be stored at various correct serving temperatures.



Wine storage cabinets – Grand Cru – Vinothek

Wine storage cabinets are designed to offer similar conditions to a wine cellar. This range facilitates the storage of red and white wines at the correct long term storage temperatures or individual variety serving temperatures. The temperature can be adjusted from +5°C – +20°C as appropriate, and is both even and constant throughout the entire appliance interior. Good to know right?

The LED lighting in the wine cooling compartments can be dimmed to give a pleasing ambient light inside the appliances. All Vinidor appliances are equipped with this innovative, no heat LED lighting concept. The LED lighting system can be adjusted to activate during door openings or to be on continuously at various intensity settings obviously depending on which model you have.


The tinted safety glass in the Liebherr wine cabinets guarantees the essential UV protection for your fine wines. The practical aluminium door handle, with integrated opening mechanism, allows the door of the appliance to be opened conveniently with a minimum of effort.


The wine cabinets all come with a SoftSystem feature which provides added safety and convenience. Integrated on the door, the SoftSystem cushions movement when the door is closed. This SoftSystem ensures that the door closes gently even when fully loaded inside, so no loud slam of the door behind you. The door automatically closes from and angle of approximately 45°, so if you’ve got an arm full of bottles you shouldn’t have to worry about leaving the door wide open. Are you falling in love with these products yet?

So going back to storing your wine at perfect drinking temperature, what is the perfect storage temperature? Well depending on the type of wine and wine region, the ideal temperature range for long term storage is between +10°C and +12°C. Depending on your requirements, wines can be stored either long term or at drinking temperature in the appliances of the Vinidor range. The temperature ranges are freely adjustable from +5°C to +20°C so no compromise on your preference. If you didn’t already know, exact maintenance of the required temperature is necessary for the wine to mature to its best.

The ‘proper’ drinking temperature

Now I am no wine expert however I do know that the serving temperature of a wine plays a vital role in its bouquet. Red wines should be served at a warmer temperature than white wines because they contain more tannin (polyphenol). At higher temperatures, tannin reacts more swiftly to oxygen. This process is referred to as: the wine breathing. A desirable effect – for only once the wine is saturated with oxygen, does it unfold its full aroma and flavour. I reckon I could pass for a wine expert at this rate. How long a wine should be allowed to breathe depends on its type and quality. The following rule of thumb may be applied, the longer a wine has been in the barrel, the more probable it is that it will need more oxygen to unfold its bouquet.

Enough talk about the wine, lets get back to the cabinets. We have a good variety of the wine cabinets at Appliance City. We have Freestanding and integrated dual and triple zone Vinidor models in stainless steel, Vinothek models in red and black, Grand Cru models in terra brown and stainless steel and then appliances such as a beverage cooler and a humidor cigar cabinet. With summer round the corner and many BBQs and dinner parties to come, there couldn’t be a better time to purchase a stunning Liebherr wine cabinet. Show off your wine expertise this summer.



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