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Liebherr: Chilled to perfection.

Liebherr refrigeration is the best of the best when it comes to build, quality and technology. Being the biggest family owned organisation in the world of appliances, Liebherr stand for continuous innovation and successful ideas management on a large scale. Their products and services must always measure up to the standards associated within the Liebherr name. German manufactured, their refrigeration is built to last! Liebherr are however, much more than just home appliance manufacturers. They also build construction machines, cranes, aerospace and transportation, and refrigeration for hotels and hospitals. Got to ensure that all that medicine and blood is stored at the perfect temperature, right?

If you haven’t come across Liebherr before then you probably wouldn’t know that they have a fantastic range of refrigerators all distinguished by modern design, technical efficiency and convenient operation. Their range extends from built-in refrigeration to freestanding units including fridges, freezer cabinets, fridge-freezers, chest freezers, side-by-sides and wine temperature control cabinets. To say they specialise in domestic refrigeration would be an understatement!

Why Liebherr?
So why Liebherr above any other brand who does refrigeration? Liebherr has a range of BluPerformance appliances which offer maximum refrigeration performance so you can optimally store your food and quickly chill your drinks. All refrigeration functions can be simply and intuitively selected using convenient touchscreen controls.

BluPerformance in more detail…
‘BluPerformance is a quantum leap in terms of energy efficiency classes A+++ or A+++/-20%. The latter are 20% more energy efficient than appliances in the highest designated energy efficiency class to date, A+++. What this means is that you can enjoy fresher food and lower energy consumption at the same time’ –

Refrigeration range…

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Liebherr Fridge

Liebherr offers a wide range of freestanding and table-height fridges with a host of useful features such as BioFresh and connectable Smart Device ability. The spacious fruit and vegetable compartments are particularly practical for storing larger items and the height-adjustable and scratch-resistant GlassLine shelves which are made from safety glass, are exceptionally easy-to-clean. Fresher food for longer and a nice clean interior with minimal effort, perfect!

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Liebherr fridge freezer

Liebherr Fridge freezers are the ideal solution if space is at a minimum. They are the perfect space saving answer for when you want to store large quantities of fresh and frozen food. Available in an array of styles, colours and finishes, and with features like BioFresh, SuperFrost and FrostSafe, they are a superb choice for any home.

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Liebherr Freezer

Whether you have a large utility room or a small kitchen, Liebherr have a freezer to meet your everyday requirement. All characterised by innovative technology such as SuperFrost, SmartFrost and FrostSafe, and high energy efficiency, Liebherr will take care of your frozen food the way it should be!

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Liebherr side-by-side

Side-by-sides are incredibly stylish. They provide plenty of space for your fresh and frozen food. Because of their flexibility and eye-catching premium design, side-by-sides are the popular choice amongst many customers. They look ideal in any home. Available in an array of stunning finishes including anti-finger print, plus fantastic features to ensure you get the most out of your foods for much longer, they are a no brainer.

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Liebherr Wine Cabinet

Wine cabinets
If you love a glass (or two) of vino and want to store your favourite bottles of wine at the perfect serving temperature then a Liebherr wine cabinet is the perfect choice. You can store your wines for long periods of time or simply just until you fancy a bottle here and there, Liebherr’s cabinets offer an optimal storage climate. If you choose a model that has two or three independently controlled wine safes, you can store red and white wine plus champagne at their individual optimal temperatures. So, you can accommodate any collection of wines to suit you! Not only that, they look fantastic and will really add the perfect finishing touch to your home. An appliance you can show off to your friends with!

Popular Features…

The NoFrost feature provides professional quality and reliable long term freshness. Chilled, circulating air freezes the food and any moisture is expelled. This means your freezer is always free of ice! Yay. Keeping your food free of frosting over, the NoFrost convenience means never having to defrost your freezer again. Thank goodness! Nothing worse than having that chore every couple of months.

This is a personal favourite of mine and one that sells Liebherr to me by itself alone. Do you get annoyed of having to throw away salads, fruits and vegetables because they go off so quickly? Yes, me too. Well with BioFresh, you can get more out of your fresh foods for longer! So, BioFresh allows you to store your vitamin and mineral rich foods at the ideal temperature and at the ideal humidity. This keeps your fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products fresh for much longer than a conventional refrigerator. Less wastage, more eatage! Save those pennies where you can.

Compared to most other static freezers, Liebherr’s SmartFrost technology freezes food faster, and reduces ice build-up, making defrosting simpler and quicker than ever. It also provides a more flexible storage area with greater capacity for your food and improved energy consumption for lower running costs. Again, save those pennies where you can.

Other features…

Liebherr have some other great features too. With anti-fingerprint finishes and glass safety shelves rather than plastic, Liebherr offer a touch of class to their models. The storage drawers are clear and incredibly spacious, plus they sit on telescopic rails for easy access to your food items. They also have easily moveable shelves so you don’t have to pull the shelves out to move them up or down depending on the size of your food items. Some models also offer a PowerCooling force fan for perfect air circulation, keeping your food incredibly fresh.

You can’t really beat the quality and innovative technology of a Liebherr appliance, they are the top refrigeration brand for a reason. If you haven’t considered buying Liebherr before, you should now! With models, styles, colours and prices to suit all pockets and kitchens, Liebherr really are the perfect choice when it comes to refrigeration.

For more information on Liebherr appliances, please don’t hesitate to give a member of our sales team a call. They are always happy to help 🙂 0115 965 1937. Alternatively visit our website here…

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