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Last Chance To Claim Free Laithwaites Wine From Liebherr!

Wine Offer from Appliance City

Buy any Liebherr wine appliance & claim your FREE case of wine!

Wine lovers are individuals with differing requirements when it comes to storing their fine wines: some want to ensure that their premium-quality wines are stored at the right temperature to be enjoyed with friends at any time. Others have dedicated themselves to wine collecting and need suitable storage conditions for a larger number of bottles. Then still others want both – to store a large wine collection that is always ready to be served. Whatever the needs, Liebherr has the perfect model for all collection sizes and all requirements – and all of premium quality of course.

Wine storage cabinets:

Wine storage cabinets can be set to exactly the temperature required within the range of +5 °C to +20 °C. This ensures that the selected temperature is maintained constantly and uniformly throughout the interior. Our wine storage cabinets are ideal for storing wines for long periods of time to allow them to mature to perfection. Depending on what temperature the appliances are set to, they can also be used for keeping white wine or red wine at exactly the right temperature for serving.


Multi temperature wine cabinets:

The temperatures can be set differently for the upper zone and lower zone in the multi-temperature wine cabinets of the GrandCru range. Innovative climate technology is employed to create temperature layers, so that red or white wines, and even champagne, can be stored at perfect drinking temperatures.

Vinidor range:

The Vinidor range combines all the advantages of wine storage cabinets and multi-temperature wine cabinets in one appliance. This range offers two or three wine compartments in which the temperature can be individually set to exactly the degree required. This means that red wine, white wine and champagne can be kept at their individual ideal serving temperatures in the same appliance. These cabinets also provide the facility to set the ideal temperature for storing large quantities of wine over the longer term. The wine compartments vary in size to accommodate any personal selection and variety of wines.

In conjunction with Laithwaites, Liebherr are offering a free case of wine with every wine appliance sold.

This is a limited offer only and ends on 31st December 2012 so you must hurry!!

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