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It’s Not All About Looking Good…

Appliance City & Fisher and Paykel

This is a 60cm built-in oven from Fisher & Paykel…but don’t be fooled by it’s good looks as this oven comes with 2 unique and stunning features.

1. The world’s largest capacity for a 60cm built-in oven with pyroclean.

This oven boasts a massive 77 litres… useable! I’m sure at this point you are thinking just how big a turkey you can fit in for Christmas? Well we’ve done our research and the telescopic shelf can hold a weight up to 8kg, meaning a turkey of huge proportions! Roughly one of these (please check top end weight of your bird, we don’t want you breaking that telescopic shelf now..)

2. The coolest oven door around

We are calling all parents here, this is important stuff. Fisher and Paykel care about those little digits and this oven now has a door temperature of 27 degrees celcius with the new CoolTouch door technology when the oven is ran at 200 degrees celcius. Running it higher than 200 degrees means an oven door of around 37 degrees. So parents.. if you don’t mind the kids being in the kitchen whilst you are cooking then reduce what they can do to themselves with a Fisher & Paykel oven.

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