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7 Homemade Gifts for Christmas

DIY handmade gifts - Appliance City

For my family Christmas isn’t about how much money we spend on each other. Our family loves to give gifts that are homemade, from the heart.

Each gift that I make takes quite a bit of consideration into who I am giving it to. I want to make sure that it’s perfect and personal to the person receiving it. It may not cost me a bomb to make but the time, effort and love that goes into my gifts abound.

Do you have amateur chefs in the family? People who love to cook? People who love interior design and making things pretty? Why not take a few of these ideas and create Christmas gifts that will be worth remembering all year round.

Homemade Sweet and Savoury Butter

Butter - Homemade Gifts - Appliance City

Homemade compound butter is a great gift for someone that doesn’t necessarily fancy sweets, cookies or cakes. I am a big giver of homemade candy and pastries, but not everyone is a fan of my sweet tooth. These compound butter recipes from I Heart Nap Time can be used on breads, meats and in dishes.  Put them in a wicker basket with either fresh baked bread or a bread mix and voila you have a beautiful, homemade gift from the heart.

Photo Clip Boards

DIY Gifts - Photo Clip Boards - Appliance City

I love changing the decor of my house to suit the seasons and holidays. This super easy tutorial on how to create DIY Photo Clip Boards from Love Grows Wild makes the perfect gift for people who love decorating their homes year round. If you want to personalise it even more, provide their first set of photos to hang on the clip boards. Whether you go with a kitchen theme or old style family photos I’m sure that the person receiving them will love it.

Homemade Extract

Homemade Extract - Homemade gifts - Appliance City

I am quite the baker. I love making pastries, cheesecakes, well anything if I’m honest. One thing I have noticed when I’m off to buy my vanilla extract or almond extract is you get about a teaspoon for an extortionate price.

Have some high quality Grey Goose vodka lying about? No? Me either, but I will go get some just to make these fab homemade extracts! Spoon Fork Bacon gives us a few recipes for extracts like cinnamon and vanilla to make for family and friends and even handy links to buy extract bottles. There are also other sites that can teach you to make more extract flavourings, perfect for those amateur pastry chefs and bakers in your life.

Personalised Tumblers

DIY Handmade gifts - Personalised Tumblers - Appliance City

PopsugarSMART always delivers, whether it is fantastic Halloween recipes or this tutorial for dotted tumblers. I love these as mother in law gifts or families with new homes. You don’t have to do the dotted pattern, you can paint grapes with leaves, wine glasses, sunflowers or abstract designs on them. That’s what makes them the perfect gifts for so many people. You can completely personalise them to each kitchen, dorm room, etc. Might as well make some for yourself whilst you’re at it.

Handmade Vintage Bookmarks

Handmade Gifts - Handmade Vintage Bookmarks - Appliance City

So I might just a little bit be hinting about what would be an awesome gift for me! I’m an avid book reader / collector and love everything vintage. If I go about making these, they are for new books I’m reading or places in old books I love to go back and read. The tutorial from Country Living is incredibly easy (and cheap) and they will make the bibliophiles in your life smile from ear to ear. If you are looking for unique buttons or charms for the bookmarks, try It’s the ideal place to find handmade trinkets for these bookmarks.

Personalised Mugs

DIY Handmade Gifts - Personalised Tea Mugs - Appliance City

We all know that a cup of tea will solve problems, cure ailments and make you feel generally better in the blink of an eye. These personalised mugs from PopSugarSMART are perfect for people who love their tea, coffee or hot drinks in general. Make one for your mum, dad and sister or even one for your hubby. With just plain cups, coloured permanent markers and an oven you can have fun, personalised gifts for everyone.

Flavoured Salts

Handmade Gifts - Flavoured Salts - Appliance City

So maybe I’m just a bit obsessed with Popsugar SMART. Sorry but they have the perfect answers for all my handmade gift queries! These flavoured salts are no exception. They give you the recipes for lemon, shitake and roasted garlic but you don’t need to stop there. Do an caramelised onion salt with onion powder and brown sugar or the perfect Italian salt with thyme, rosemary, oregano, parmesan and sea salt. The combinations are truly endless. Find out what your friends and families favourite spices or dishes are and get mixing. Put them in a basket with fresh vegetables, cooking utensils or other handmade gifts and you have the perfect present for a cooker, baker or someone who just loves food.

There are tons of homemade gifts you could give this holiday season to spread the love and cheer. Why not try a few of these?

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