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Get Up To £150 Cashback On Selected Samsung Appliances

Cashback Offer at Appliance City

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd is one of the largest consumer electronics brands in the world and has developed an enviable reputation for developing highly functional, well designed products that enhance people’s lifetsyles. And nowhere is this more true than in the home, where Samsung has created a comprehensive range of consumer ‘home appliances’ designed to accentuate the modern home and way of life. Samsung constantly strive to be at the forefront of leading technology, and nowhere is this more evident than in its laundry and refrigeration appliances.

In designing its new range of laundry products, Samsung threw away conventional thinking and started with a clean slate in order to deliver innovative products with the ultimate in performance and energy saving. Samsung’s ecoBubble technology uses a bubble generator to dissolve detergent into the water by injecting air, producing a rich soapy foam cushion in the drum. When ecoBubble is applied, the detergent is better dissolved into the water, resulting in faster penetration into fabric, meaning less hot water is needed to aid the cleaning process. The Super Eco Wash programme washes at just 15 degrees, but delivers the same cleaning results as a 40 degree wasing, using 70% less energy as a result. Until the 30th June Samsung are also offering up to £100 cashback on selected ecoBubble laundry products.

Samsung refrigeration products also strive to be as energy efficient and cost effective as possible. The G-Series range of refrigerators and fridge freezers utilise thin wall insulation which substantially increases inner storage space, whilst keeping the same dimensions on the outside. This maximises your storage space, meaning you can store more food, shop less often and organise your groceries more easily. Thin wall insulation is also 9.4% more energy efficient than conventional wall insulation! Samsung are currently offering up to £150 cashback on selected refrigerators

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