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A Christmas favourite – It’s Egg nog day.

Whilst today may be renowned as Christmas Eve, it seems that this year the 24th December is also Egg nog day! A Christmas punch, this tradition is shared with our friends across the pond in the USA and Canada. Simply, it includes milk, and/or cream, sugar and whipped eggs to give the frothy texture and appearance. You can also add brandy or rum for a proper Christmas tipple.


Best Egg nog Recipe



This Egg nog recipe from Chowhound includes enough Bourbon, Cognac and rum to apparently confirm a designated driver before the first toast! For a truly traditional taste and so the flavours meld, it’s recommended you leave the egg nog in the refrigerator for a week. Click here to read the full recipe.

Mini Egg nog Cheesecakes




Whilst I love cheesecake, I can’t say that I have yet tried this version. I love the smaller, individual portions – perfect for any Christmas party. Baked by Rachel describes these as luscious and flavoured for the season – a simple treat to share. Take a look at the full recipe here.


Egg nog Latte


If Starbucks is a little more than just around the corner, fear not! I have the perfect homemade Egg nog latte recipe direct from Shugary Sweets, without the need for an Espresso machine!


Pumpkin Egg nog Pie



Pumpkin pie – a traditional thanksgiving dish in the US, the egg nog twist brings a little more Christmas to plates all around. This pie has a lighter texture than the dense, heavy feeling of traditional pumpkin pie. The girl who ate everything explains how to bring this pie to your table this Christmas.


If unlike mine, your Christmas shopping is complete by Christmas eve, why not try and make one of these tasty recipes.  Send your festive egg nog recipes and pictures of your egg nog creations to [email protected], we’d love to see them!

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