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Clever Creations with Courgettes!

Appliance City - Courgette Recipes

Courgettes are currently in season. You know how we like to make the most of when fruits and vegetables are in season by cooking them a variety of ways and sharing how you can freeze them for later in the year when they are more expensive. Courgettes have been around donkey’s years, but they’ve become popular more recently because of their ability to replace pasta in carb or gluten free dishes. Here’s a collection of recipes and some tips when freezing portions for when they are a bit more pricey.

Courgette & Chorizo Gnocchi

Appliance City - Courgette & Chorizo Gnocchi Recipe

Courgettes have been described as “spongy” and “rubbery” in the past. I think people who described these luscious green veggies didn’t have them cooked properly. Courgettes are in everything from breakfast to dessert and they are delightful.

In this inspiring recipe from House courgettes are either grated or cut julienne style to allow them to take on the texture of al dente pasta. Combined with spicy and smokey chorizo and garlic it’s courgette perfection. Now, if you’re trying to go no carbs this plate wouldn’t be for you, the gnocchi is packed full of those lovely carbohydrates! But, if you are looking to go carb free simply replace the gnocchi with cauliflower and cook the cauliflower for a bit longer and you’re home free.

Tomato & Courgette Strata

Appliance City - Courgette Season Recipes

A beautiful make ahead breakfast this tomato and courgette recipe from Midwest Living is delightful. This recipe is originally American so substitute Edam cheese for Swiss and voila you have this beautiful concoction. This does take a while to bake; so if you are serving it for breakfast you may want to make it in advance. But it can always be served for brunch, lunch…well anytime!

Chocolate Courgette Muffins

Appliance City - Courgette Recipes for Courgette Season

If you struggle to get your kids to eat their vegetables, this recipe from Eat Drink Love will trick them every time. Delicious and definitely nutritious, kids will ask for them and never know they are eating something good for them. They aren’t just for the kiddies though, they are a perfect breakfast alternative or snack for adults.

Courgette Cheese Pizza

Courgette Season Recipes - Appliance City

Doesn’t that look tasty? Mouthwatering even? This Courgette Cheese Pizza recipe from Apples to Zoodles is the perfect answer to a diet pizza. The crust is made of courgettes with either almond or coconut butter and it’s crispy enough that you can pick it up and eat it like normal pizza. Here’s another one mums will easily be able to pass off as the real deal and kids will be none the wiser.

Now that you have some tantalising courgette recipes you’re going to want to try them all, and not just this month while those beauties are in season. This video courtesy of YouTube shows you how to store those “zucchinis” (courgettes) so that you can make good use of them all year round.


So get to cooking, get to freezing but more importantly, get to eating!

Title Image Credit: Seattle Local Food

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