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Chocoholics, It’s Chocolate covered anything day

If you love your chocolate then today is the day for you! There’s nothing better than melted chocolate, chocolate sprinkles, double or triple chocolate – basically, the more the merrier. so, especially for you chocoholics and those who are a little intrigued, we’ve compiled a few weird and wonderful examples.


Chocolate Covered Strawberry Christmas Trees



Julie at Lovely Little Kitchen has shared this great idea for keeping children entertained in the kitchen. These mini Christmas trees are perfect for little ones to try, probably because the recipe contains sprinkles, which as we all know can be so much fun when thrown everywhere BUT where they’re meant to be. Not only do these covered strawberries go perfectly for today, they’re also bang on season.


Frozen Chocolate Covered Banana Pops




So, I’m not entirely convinced that these two go together but I guess it could definitely be what you would call “a balanced diet” – health on one side, treat on the other. I haven’t yet tried these myself but thinking about it I just might add to the “to do list” – I need to be convinced that these are as good as they look. I have to admit, whilst i’m not 100% on the taste (yet) they definitely look fun to make! Find out “how to” on Food Cloud.

Chocolate Covered Bacon


Yep, you did just read that correctly and no, it isn’t a joke, or at least I don’t think it is? As I was looking for ideas to include in this post I found this, more than once and I’m not sure if its a phase or an actual thing – I have NEVER heard of this before, ever. I can’t imagine how the two came to be together, but here they are. If you’ve ever tried this yourself, I’d be curious to know how it tasted and if you haven’t, you can find out just how they did it at Beach Way Sweet Shop.


Chocolate Coffee Beans




OK, so this one seems much more reasonable than the last. I’ve convinced myself this is OK because coffee is also a pudding (Tirimasu) and chocolate is also hot drinking chocolate – seems fair I think. Try this recipe from Happy Hour Projects and share with your coffee loving friends.


Dedicate this weekend to chocolate covered creations. Whichever of these recipes you decide to try, why not share them with the Appliance City marketing team and on our Facebook and Twitter too.

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