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Chewy, Yummy, Smoky Bacon…Day!

Bacon - Appliance City

Bacon definitely deserves a day of it’s own and not just one where we share our favourite recipes but one that celebrates the brilliance of bacon, the popularity of pork and the sensation in the sizzle.

Ok – so I’m a self proclaimed bacon-0-holic. For Christmas dinner at our house, it wasn’t a fresh turkey but chicken breasts stuffed with Stilton and wrapped with bacon then broiled to perfection. It was a Christmas present all it’s own. Now the main wasn’t the only dish that featured bacon, I also made tantalising oven roasted brussels sprouts with bacon. Believe it or not, brussels sprouts disappear at my house like candy – especially if they’re cooked with bacon!

Now I could always give you bacon and cheese omelette recipes or bacon cheeseburger recipes, but why not step outside the box and delight with bacon in the most unusual settings?

Bacon Jam

Bacon Day - Recipes - Appliance City

Yes, you read that correctly, bacon jam. Think of the consistency of Branston’s with the amazing flavour of smoky bacon. Recipe by Photo shared this wonderful concoction on Pinterest and I was entranced. What could be better than a bacon spread? Something that would be equally delicious on toast as well as chicken, eggs or even paired with avocado. There are different versions you can make with things like bourbon and maple syrup so you can have different flavours of bacon jam, it’s awesome! If you’re wanting to start your new year off right, start your day with a slice of fresh baked bread spread with homemade bacon jam. Tasty!

Bacon Wrapped Guacamole Stuffed Chicken

Bacon Day - Recipes - Appliance City - Bacon Wrapped Guacamole Stuffed Chicken

This recipe from Closet Cooking combines two of my favourite things to eat – bacon and guacamole. It should be named Magical Mexican Chicken, because the aroma, taste and sight of this dish will leave quite the impression and you’ll be thinking about it far after your meal is over. I found seasoning my chicken with Mexican spices before wrapping it in bacon added a bit to the flavour of the dish, though it doesn’t need any help in the flavour department. I just love Mexican food! If you are looking for something to serve as appetisers for NYE, look no further! Chicken bites cooked with bacon and topped with guacamole served on a fresh tortilla square would be a massive hit. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have something substantial to put in your stomach before all the alcohol, it might as well be something delicious.

Chicken Bacon Garlic Alfredo Roll Ups

Bacon Day - Recipes - Chicken Alfredo Bacon Rollups

This bacon recipe from The Recipe Critic is almost like a white version of lasagna in an easy to heat up and dish out presentation. This is the perfect answer to Italian night, homestyle Come Dine with Me or even a way to cook up a bunch of meals for one! Use additional pieces of crumbled smoky bacon as a garnish and away you go. Want party perfection? Simple stick a cocktail stick through the middle and serve them on individual plates. Why serve pigs in a blanket when you can serve this instead?

Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

Bacon Day - Recipes - Appliance City - Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

Ok. Ok. Hear me out. I know that bacon isn’t the be all and end all and doesn’t typically have a place in desserts. Just place your toe firmly over the line of the box and have a taste of these heavenly cinnamon rolls from Inspired Dreamer. Think of soft, sweet, delicious cinnamon rolls with a delicious hint of smoky bacon. They are out of this world, and definitely outside of the box. I chose to use maple cured bacon which gave my bacon a hint of sweetness which only adds to the beautiful taste of the cinnamon roll.

Take a break – a bacon break! Add some bacon to your breakfast, lunch, dinner or heck why not dessert? It isn’t great for your waistline or your arteries so just don’t overdo it!

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