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6 Ways to Update Your Kitchen on a Budget

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Not everyone has a boat load of money to have their kitchen completely redesigned. Sometimes we just want our kitchen to have a freshen up, a new look or a bit of pizzazz. We’ve searched the interwebs far and wide to find these nifty kitchen hacks to make more space, give your kitchen a face lift or just make life in the kitchen just that little bit easier.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

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There’s no simpler way to give your kitchen a fresh look than a fresh coat of paint. If you’re looking for something more unique take the feature wall into the kitchen with a nice roll of patterned wall paper. This will give your kitchen a pop of colour or character without having to spend a fortune.

Image Credit: Derbyshire Life

Freshen Up your Cabinetry

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While you’ve got some paint out why not give your cabinets a fresh coat? Refacing or replacing cabinetry can be expensive. Painting them with good quality paint can give your kitchen a much needed makeover that’s easy on the pocket. There is so much you can do with cabinetry. Paint the top and bottom cabinets a different colour for a contrasting look, paint them a vibrant colour to liven up your kitchen or give them a fresh coat of white for a modern sleek look.

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Updating your hardware, even if you don’t paint, can take your kitchen decor up a notch. With just a bit of flourish go from modern to old world character. Simple!

Image credit: Greenville Online & Prevodachi


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Updating the lighting can be relatively easy and inexpensive. Places like Ikea offer loads of styles to choose from at a reasonable price. Changing your lighting can take your kitchen from stark and bright to dimmed and romantic. If you’re looking to create a modern look these pendant style lights don’t make the room look so tall, they fill in a bit of the blank space whilst creating a lovely clean look.

Image Credit: Home Stratosphere


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Many people overlook the backsplash in the kitchen, preferring instead to paint it like the walls. The backsplash can add a flair of originality to your kitchen like the one pictured above. More importantly, it’s one of the things that can be updated with a very limited budget. Anything from copper squares to leftover tiles and even coasters can be used to jazz up this forgotten about space. Get creative! Pieces of glass, stenciled words, even chalkboard paint to write on can be a great addition to any functional kitchen.

Image Credit: HomeTalk

Ikea Hacks

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Yes, you read that correctly – hacking Ikea. Ikea is a terrific place to get all sorts of odds and ends for your kitchen and home on a budget. The image above from Ikea Hackers is a Ikea hacked kitchen island using everything from a TV stand to casters. There’s an entire site devoted to Ikea hacking that can give you great ideas on kitchen storage, adding in an island, dining and seating in a minimal space and even decor. Enjoy!

Updating your kitchen doesn’t have to give your wallet anxiety. If you’re looking to update on a budget try some of these simple tricks. Have some ideas of your own? Send them to: [email protected] or tweet us @appliancecity.

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