Hoover Freestanding Washer Dryers

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Freestanding washer dryers offer the capabilities of a washing machine and dryer but within the drum of one appliance. This is an advantage when space is at a premium or just to minimise time and effort carrying the load between appliances. Wash capacity can be anywhere between 7 & 11kg; but it’s worth remembering that this is the maximum wash load as the maximum drying load will be lower. Washer dryers offer a large selection of programs to encompass different laundry types, so delicate items, baby clothes, heavy cotton and many more have different wash and drum actions for the best performance.

With modern design and powerful function, these washer dryers are the best way to streamline the chore of doing laundry. All of the above models are very efficient, and reasonably priced too. They occupy the more affordable end of the market and the brand name alone is enough to know you're getting top-quality. For more great Hoover products, click here. Alternatively, head over to our dedicated Laundry section to explore all the great products we have available. With market-leading brands and powerful appliances, you'll find what you're looking for.