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  • Hoover HBTDWH7A1TCE-80 7kg Integrated Heat Pump Condenser Tumble Dryer – WHITE

    1 Year WarrantySubject to registration on manufacturers website

    This superb 7kg fully integrated heat pump condenser dryer from Hoover is the first of its kind! Boasting 15 sensor drying programmes including anti-crease, anti-odour and waterproof revitalise thi... Read More

    Integrated Tumble Dryers

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Depending on where the dryer will be situated you can choose from either vented or condenser. Vented models work by expelling warm air through a hose or a vent in an external wall whereas condenser dryers do not require an externally vented hose as the water condenses into a container which just needs emptying, allowing you to install it wherever you like. The best condenser dryers are those with heat pump technology as they often use less than half of the electricity of a conventional condenser dryer. Capacity is another important consideration as larger the capacity the more clothes you can dry in one load.

Everything you need to know about Tumble Dryers

Simple instructions for installing both condenser and vented tumble dryers.
And keep it in optimum condition.
Hoover’s great range of condenser dryers are available in 7-10kg and are full of great features and as they are condensers you can put them anywhere inside with no worries about venting. Their All-in-One system means you can dry a range of different fabrics in one load, without worrying about the outcome and their sensor drying actively monitors the laundry so it doesn’t run unnecessarily therefore cutting your energy bills. With their fantastic Aqua Vision feature, the condenser tank is built into the door so you can always see the water level and when it needs emptying. Woolmark accreditation and gentle programmes offer assurance that your most delicate fabrics are cared for and with the clever Wizard app you can even remotely check on the machine!