Hoover Freestanding Tumble Dryers

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Whether the bad weather prevents outdoor drying or space is at a premium, a freestanding tumble dryer is a handy addition to any household. Most dryers work with sensors allowing the machine to gauge the moisture level in the laundry rather than leave the washing damp or be on unnecessarily which can be a huge energy efficiency benefit. Vented dryers remove steam from the load through a vent through an outside wall so these have to be placed in an appropriate spot, whereas condenser dryers simply condense the water into a drawer to be poured away. Incredibly efficient heat pump dryers offer substantial reductions in running costs but to do so have to run for longer at lower temperatures.

Hoover’s brilliant condenser dryer range is available up to a large 10kg capacity – sure to fit the whole family’s clothes in! Active sensor technology monitors the load during the cycle to prevent the machine running unnecessarily and you can mix fabrics without being afraid that they will not dry evenly. Woolmark approved cycles and the rounded drum shape gently tumble clothes and help decrease ironing time by preventing tangles. And with an easy to monitor water container on the door, you will be able to see at a glance whether it’s full.