Our stunning Miele Telescopic Hoods are elegantly designed and full of innovative features to offer an amazing option for every kitchen. With their brilliant 10 layer grease filters, dual action radial fans and adaptable hoods, what's not to like! Their hoods are available to be ducted outside, or for recirculation. Look out for Miele’s fantastic LED displays, powerful Eco Motor and Con@tivity 2.0 system. This connects the hood with a paired Miele hob for intelligent fan control by monitoring heat and energy use. Get some of that famous German engineering in your kitchen without disrupting the design of the room. These slide away so they're practically invisible when not being used. Check out the product descriptions for more details on each model's features, energy rating and performance.

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All you see when they are working is a narrow trim protruding from beneath the wall unit, usually finished in stainless steel or the same colour as the rest of your kitchen cabinets. These models are a perfect fit for a modern minimalist kitchen design. The slim, pull-out canopy extracts unwanted kitchen vapours and odours effectively either through ducting or through optional charcoal filters if recirculating. Consider the size of the room when choosing your telescopic hood, taking into account extraction rates, noise levels and energy efficiency ratings. Check out our wide selection of telescopic hoods below. We’ve got some fantastic models from Nottinghamshire-based AEG. We’re proud to back local business, and their models are effective and efficient. Or, check out the extraction specialists Elica‘s telescopic hoods.