Our fantastic range of Miele Island hoods are beautifully designed, incredibly powerful and match our other Miele appliances seamlessly. Their No Smell active filters means quiet, effective odour-reducing extraction for your kitchen. With 10-layer grease filters and powerful Eco Motors, the list of features goes on. For instance, look out for Miele’s Con@tivity feature. This enables the hood to pair with Miele’s Con@tivity hobs for remote monitoring of the heat and energy usage. With the option of an external motor available on some models, your extraction can be even more powerful. What more could you ask for?

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There are some incredible designs available in our range with excellent low voltage lighting to create an amazing focal point in your kitchen. Generally these models can either be ducted through an outside wall or recirculated with the use of optional charcoal filters. Pendant or chandelier designs which are all about the aesthetics are usually designed to be recirculated rather than ducted out. Consider what impact your island hood will have on visibility in your kitchen as many models can be quite large, often blocking the line of sight between cooking and dining areas. Glass designs are a popular choice as they offer the visual impact without dominating the space.