Our Stainless Steel Conventional Hoods make a great addition to any kitchen. We've got powerful cooker hoods from some of the best brands on the market. We only stock products from brands that we know and trust, so you can be confident that you're buying into quality below. These hoods are your bread and butter cooker hoods. They're powerful, effective and reasonably priced. Be sure to read the product descriptions fro more information on each model's performance, energy rating, features and more. You'll find hundreds of amazing range cookers to pair with one of our Stainless Steel Conventional Hoods in our Cooking section. Complete your kitchen at Appliance City.

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We’ve got some stylish black models as well as the more simple and classic white and stainless steel hoods. They simply hang on the wall above your hob or sit underneath a wall unit. These models can usually be recirculated using optional charcoal filters.