Microwave Buying Guide

A microwave oven is a fantastic option for all kitchens. Its convenience and speed is unparalleled by any other appliance, but don’t get rid of your conventional oven just yet! Working in tandem with your conventional oven, microwaves give you more cooking options and ability.

We’re going to look at the three different types of microwave oven that we sell, so you can determine which one would be the best fit for your home. We’re also going to look at some of the features modern microwaves have, so you can keep an eye out for these if they appeal to you.

Standard Microwaves

A standard microwave oven is the most conventional and common microwave that you will encounter wherever you go. The workhorse of household kitchens and office eateries, a standard kitchen microwave is used simply for heating up food and microwave cooking ready meals. There are plenty uses of microwaves to be enjoyed.

Warm up last night’s leftovers, get a quick ready meal on the go, these are also the least expensive type of microwave. They’re very simple and easy to use and often will come with few extra features. You can expect them to have a defrost feature at the very least and varying control over the power you can cook at.

Microwave with Grill

As straightforward as it sounds. These are microwave ovens that also contain a grill.  This works just like a standard microwave but is capable of browning and crisping your food. So, you could technically roast a chicken in one, although we’re not sure why you would if you have a conventional oven. If you don’t, then roast away!

This capability adds another dimension of texture and flavour that standard microwaves can’t offer. These will fetch a slightly higher price and can often come with extra features related to the microwave grill function, but opens up new possibilities of microwave cooking that’s worth the extra money.

Combination Microwaves

A combination microwave is a jack of all trades, and normally will possess at least three different functions. The standard microwave oven, a microwave grill and a convection heat function. Some will even come with a steam oven setting. These are truly fantastic bits of kit for your kitchen.

These will occupy the priciest end of the microwave range, but can come jam-packed with extra features and, if you make the most of it, is a more than worthy investment.

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What Size Microwave Do I Need?

Microwave dimensions will vary, and capacity is measured in litres. These can be as small as 10 litres and go well over the 50 litre mark. You’ll want somewhere in the middle of that range to fit a standard sized plate in it, or from the 25 litre mark and above. If you’re buying a built-in microwave oven, or a wall microwave, then the microwave dimensions will be of importance. You’ll want them to fit on your microwave shelf or wherever your integrated microwave is set to go. Otherwise, simply buy the model you want and put your countertop microwave wherever you want. 

What Microwave Features Should I Know About?

Manufacturers are looking to get an edge over their competitors by constantly innovating their products. This has lead to some really nifty features being created, expanding the uses of microwaves. Some you should know about are:

  • Auto Weight Cook – figures out the cooking time required based on weight.
  • Two-Level Cookingability to cook two dishes at once.
  • Radiant Grillgood for grilling thicker cuts of meat.
  • Defrost Rackallows for defrosting from below as well as above.
  • Chaos Defrostreduces defrost times even further.
  • Child Lock self-explanatory.
  • Auto-Cook Programmespreset cooking programmes for one-touch cooking control.

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