CDA Gas Hobs

With their fine control, gas hobs are incredibly popular, and CDA's brilliant range utilises this precision, and creates wonderful designs.

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The ever popular gas hob is not only available in a simple, traditional designs but can also be the heart of a modern kitchen with the sleek ‘gas on glass’ design. With the ability to control finely the flame size and therefore the heat, gas hobs are sought after in many households. Powerful wok burners and double flame options are also handy for the aspiring chef. With a huge array of sizes and styles available from the neat 3 burner to the grand 6 burner option and everything in between, the gas hob is a timeless look in any kitchen.

Whether you prefer a more simple and elegant look, a modern stainless steel style or a sleek gas on glass finish, there are plenty of options available for every kitchen.