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Franke are a global supplier of domestic and professional appliances. From sinks and taps to extractor hoods, Franke produce high quality products with smart solutions to meet modern day needs.


Franke was founded in Switzerland in 1911 by Hermann Franke. Originally a small plumbing business, Franke are now a global leader in the kitchen industry in both the professional and domestic sectors.


Whether you’re looking for a standard tap or something with more functions such as filtered water or even boiling water, Franke have a wide selection of kitchen taps to choose from.

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Your sink is one of the most used appliances in your kitchen, so you want to make sure you pick the right one to suit your needs. Franke boast an extensive collection of sinks in a variety of sizes and finishes.

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Eliminate cooking odours and steam in style with Franke. From canopy and chimney hoods to downdraft extractors, Franke have models to suit every interior.

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Waste Disposal Units

Keep your kitchen sink clean and opt for a Franke waste disposal unit. Available in different sizes depending on your needs, these units will grind food waste into fine particles ensuring it will flush through your pipework easily.

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Why Choose

Swiss Quality

Renowned for their superior performance & high quality produce, Franke products are proudly Swiss made.

Established Brand

Franke was founded in 1911 and has continued to create innovative kitchen appliances for over 110 years.

Award Winning

Franke have won over 120 awards globally including four prestigious Red Dot Design Awards in 2022.


Franke stainless steel is made from 70% recycled material. Durable, sustainable products that will stand the test of time.

Global Supplier

Franke are a leading global supplier of kitchen appliances including; hoods, sinks, taps and accessories.

Our Favourite Franke Taps

Minerva Electronic 4-in-1 Taps

Minerva Electronic 4-in-1 taps are extremely convenient. As well as delivering the standard hot and cold water, they also provide filtered and 100°C boiling water in an instant.

There’s no need to keep your kettle as you’ll have boiling water ready whenever you need it directly from the tap. So not only will you save space on your worktop, the slim 5 litre tank will take up minimal space in your cupboard below the sink too. Win, win!

The intuitive electronic knob illuminates in red to indicate boiling water and turns blue when you twist to select cold filtered water.

Available in a variety of shapes and colours including; black, gold and chrome, you can match your new tap to your kitchen for a truly cohesive look.

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Omni 4-in-1 Taps

The Franke Omni 4-in-1 tap dispenses hot, cold, boiling and fresh filtered water from one single spout.

Unlike many other hot water taps, Franke boiling water taps dispense at 100°C which is ideal for sterilising bottles, filling pans to cook pasta or vegetables and most importantly, making a good cup of tea!

Franke Omni taps are easy to install and have a compact 4 litre heating tank which is designed to fit in your cupboard underneath the sink.

Save time waiting for your kettle to boil, and only heat up the water you need with a Franke Omni 4-in-1 tap.

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Stylish Sinks

Box Center Sink

So much more than a sink, the Franke Box Centre is a unique appliance which combines your sink and preparation area and accessories in one.

Ideal for kitchens that are short on worktop space, the Box Center includes accessories such as; a stainless steel strainer, chopping board, food preparation platter, a knife set and knife holder.

Optimise your sink space and use it as an additional work surface. Then once you’re done, you can neatly store away your accessories within the Box Center and use the sink as normal. Everything you need for preparing your favourite meals quickly and easily is to hand.

Enjoy the ultimate flexibility and opt for the Franke Box Center!

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Fragranite Sinks

Fragranite is one of the hardest textured materials in the world. Made from 80% quartz sand and 20% hard acrylic resin, Fragranite boasts a subtle shine and feels slightly warm to the touch. Durable and hygienic, there’s a great selection of colours to choose from too!

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Stainless Steel Sinks

Durable, hygienic and sustainable, its no wonder that stainless steel is such a popular choice when it comes to kitchen sinks. Franke are one of the world’s top buyers of stainless steel for kitchen appliances. The highly polished finish is a classic option that looks great in any home.

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Tectonite Sinks

Tectonite is made from an advanced synthetic composite material which is robust and aesthetically pleasing. Tectonite has a granite-like appearance which is highly desirable. It is also heat and scratch resistant, making it an ideal material for your kitchen sink.

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Speech Bubbles FAQs

What are Franke best known for?

Franke are a leading sink and tap manufacturer, who are renowned for their surgical grade, high quality, stainless steel. Franke are also globally known for their Foodservice Systems and Coffee Systems. Franke supply McDonald’s with their Foodservice systems.

Can I replace my existing tap with a Franke Minerva or Omni tap?

Yes, the Minerva and Omni taps fit into a standard 35mm hole so they can be retro fitted into an existing tap hole. Please note you will need to have access to a standard 13amp plug socket for the Minerva or Omni boiler.

When was Franke founded?

Franke was founded by Hermann Franke in Rorschach, Switzerland in 1911.

Where are Franke products made?

Franke are a Swiss brand and are very proud of their heritage. Originally based in Rorschach, they relocated to Aarburg in 1934 so they could expand the business.

What is the guarantee on a Franke sink?

Franke sinks come with a 50 year manufacturer’s warranty. This covers against manufacturing defects.

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