Taps FAQs

Ever wondered how kitchen taps work, what types they come in, or what models are available? Our answers to the questions we hear most often will help.

What Are The Different Styles of Taps?

When it comes to shopping for taps it’s easy to get confused by the many different models on offer. In order to determine which taps are best for you, first you need to know what models are available and how they differ from one another. Use the information below to help you decide which style suits your needs the most.

Tap with Boiling Water Function

3in1 taps with boiling water functions offer the standard hot and cold settings, in addition to one more, that provides boiling water in an instant. Safety features come as standard, to ensure the taps can’t be operated accidentally.

Tap with Spray Hose Function

These taps feature a spray hose attachment, which makes it easier to fill and clean large pots and pans.

Tap with Water Filter Function

Water filter taps filter the water on its way out of the tap, usually with a replaceable filter cartridge.

It’s important to note that not all kitchen taps are the same size, and that regardless of which style you select, you have to make sure the dimensions of your chosen model fit the available space.

Why Do Taps Drip?

A dripping tap is the most common problem you’re likely to encounter with this appliance, and one of the most frustrating issues you can have within a kitchen. The good news is that more often than not, a dripping is easy and cheap to fix. Before we tell you how to fix a dripping tap, however, let’s look at why taps drip in the first place.

Often a dripping tap is the result of a faulty washer, as the washer provides a seal which allows the tap to operate correctly. If the washer deteriorates or cracks then this will allow small amounts of water to pass through. If this is the cause of your dripping tap, you will need to replace it.

Now, let’s look at how to change a kitchen tap washer.

  1. Turn off your water at the mains.
  2. Remove the handle and unscrew the tap valve underneath. This will open access to the washer and from here you can remove and replace it.
  3. Replace the parts covering the tap.
  4. Turn your water back on.

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How Do Taps Work?

Knowing how kitchen taps work can make it easier to pinpoint and fix problems. However, even though every home has taps and we all use them every day, not many people know how they actually work.

So, how do kitchen taps work?

When you turn the handle of the tap you are actually turning the top end of a screw which reaches into the tap casing. The bottom of this screw attaches to your tap washer which is pressing down on to the end of your water pipe. This prevents water from reaching into the tap.

When the handle is turned, the screw lifts. This then lifts the washer so water can leave the spout.

Do I Need a Warranty for My Tap?

As with any appliance, you don’t need a warranty for your tap, but it is highly recommended. The warranty offered can vary per model, and often ranges from 1 year to 5 years of cover. Tap issues are not overly common and are often easy to resolve yourself, however there is always the possibility that problems will arise which will require your tap to be replaced.

If your warranty has expired and you want to prevent issues from occurring that can only be fixed by replacing your tap, then read our article on How to Install a Tap for maintenance tips on keeping your tap in great condition.

What Is the Best Tap Brand?

With so many brands manufacturing taps it can be difficult to know which ones are the best. Popular tap brands include:

But which brand of taps is the best? Ultimately that decision can only be made by you and is dependent on what you want from your appliance. That said regardless of what you want from your new tap, you won’t go wrong with the brands above.

The answers to the FAQs above will help you fix problems with your tap, as well as assist you in purchasing and maintaining your new tap to prevent major issues from occurring in the future. This isn’t an exhaustive list of questions that you may have, so if you have any other questions you can contact us for more information.