Fridge, Freezer or Fridge Freezer?

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Should you buy a fridge, freezer, or fridge freezer?

It’s the dilemma that faces all modern households when it’s time to invest in a new refrigeration solution. Do you go for a fridge, freezer or fridge freezer?

Every household has different needs, preferences and designs. So, there isn’t a straightforward answer to this question. To figure out what’s best for you, we’ve compared the three appliances, and highlighted the pros and cons of your options.

What is the Difference Between a Fridge and Freezer?

Before we get into which appliance is best for you, let’s look into the differences between these appliances.

A fridge is an appliance that is designed to keep your food cold and fresh. The cool temperatures protect your food against bacteria activity, which spoils your food.

On the other hand, a freezer is designed to freeze your food, and keep it frozen. This keeps your food from becoming spoiled for a much longer time.

Finally, the difference between a fridge freezer and two separate fridge and freezer units is that a fridge freezer has both a fridge and a freezer section. The layout of these will depend on your chosen model.

The following three factors have been used to compare fridges , freezers, and fridge freezers:


Is it cheaper to run a separate fridge and freezer or a single fridge freezer?

The first factor we’ll look at is the cost. Many people have asked us if it’s cheaper to run a separate fridge and freezer. But, if you’re looking for the most budget-friendly refrigeration solution for your household, then there’s one clear winner.

Buying a fridge freezer is cheaper* than buying a separate fridge and freezer of comparable quality. But that’s just the upfront cost. What about the running costs?

It will almost always be cheaper to run just one appliance compared to two. This is true in the majority of cases. In fact, it’s still usually cheaper to run just one lower energy rated fridge freezer than two higher rated fridge and freezers. This isn’t always the case though. In some instances it may be cheaper to run a separate fridge and freezer. To know for sure, it’s worth checking the energy (kWh) consumed per year.

It is therefore reasonable to conclude that buying a single fridge freezer is cheaper overall than buying a separate fridge and freezer.

*This is true most of the time, however it will depend on sales, brands, and other factors.

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Does a separate fridge and freezer have a bigger capacity than one fridge freezer?

When it comes to capacity, buying separate units is the clear favourite.

A separate fridge and freezer combo can easily offer you upwards of 1000L of capacity. This is perfect for big, hungry families. However, the downside to this is that you will use up more floor space. This means that there are more limitations in terms of physical space with two separate appliances.

But, if you have a big family and plenty of room for the two appliances, this may be the best option for you in terms of overall capacity. When you have a big family, being able to buy and store in bulk helps massively with food costs. It can also help you to keep food waste to a minimum.

However, if you have a smaller family, you should be able to fit everything you need into a fridge freezer. This is especially true if you get an American style fridge freezer, which has a bigger capacity on average.

In the end, the better option will depend on how much fridge and freezer space that your household needs. To help you understand how much space you may need, we discuss capacity requirements in both our fridge and freezer buying guides.


Is a fridge freezer more convenient than a separate fridge and freezer?

Convenience is an important factor when it comes to household appliances. At the end of the day, convenience is exactly what you’re buying them for. But, is it more convenient to purchase a single fridge freezer unit, or to have two separate units? Again, this depends on circumstance, but it is normally always going to be a fridge freezer.

With a fridge freezer, everything is stored within the same unit. This makes it easier to keep track of your food inventory. Secondly, a combined unit will take up less floor space, giving you more space and design freedom.

Kitchen designs often follow the kitchen triangle rule. This means that there’s a clear route between the kitchen sink, fridge, and oven. When you have a combined unit, the kitchen triangle becomes much more efficient.

Furthermore, a fridge freezer can also come with additional features. For example, if you get a fridge freezer with a water and ice dispenser, you’ll have a fantastic all-in-one appliance!

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Fridge FreezerSeparate Fridge and Freezer

In conclusion, a single fridge freezer unit is, on average, more cost effective and convenient than two separate fridge and freezer units. However, buying two separate appliances will, in general, give you a bigger overall capacity.

The decision to buy a fridge freezer vs a fridge and freezer is ultimately up to you and your needs and preferences.

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