What is an American Style Fridge Freezer?

Bosch KAI90VI20G American Style Fridge Freezer Ice & Water Non Plumbed

When it comes to buying new kitchen appliances there are many things to consider, and a new fridge freezer is no different.

From functionality through to size, price, and colour; there are many variations to choose from when it comes to American style fridge freezers. Think bigger units with more storage, ice makers and water dispensers, double doors and bottom drawers – there are tons of options to choose from.

American fridge freezers have become very popular across the world and especially here in the UK in the last few years, but what exactly is an American style fridge freezer? What makes them different to a standard fridge freezer and why are people so taken in by them? In this article we’ll aim to answer the question: what is an American fridge freezer?

Style and Build

An American style fridge freezer is different to most tall fridge freezers as they feature double doors that open from the middle outwards, rather than a single door. This is why they’re sometimes referred to as ‘side by side American fridge freezers’ or a ‘double door fridge freezer’.

As with any type of kitchen appliance, there are lots of different styles of American fridge freezers, many of which offer different functions from the others. Some have two long doors that run from top to bottom, whilst others feature drawers below the double doors that pull out for added storage.

Some of the most popular American style fridge freezers come with ice and water dispensers integrated into the doors.

Plumbed-in and Non-Plumbed American Fridge Freezers

American fridge freezers come in both plumbed and non-plumbed varieties.

A plumbed-in fridge freezer is when your unit is connected to a water supply. Having an American fridge freezer with water and ice dispensers means you have a constant supply of ice-cold, filtered water and ice cubes on demand. A real game changer.

As you might be able to guess, a non-plumbed American fridge freezer is not connected to your water supply. So how does your fridge freezer produce water and ice? Non-plumbed American fridge freezers have a removable water tank that you fill up, and refill when empty. This way, you can still get all the benefits of an American style fridge freezer with an ice dispenser, even if it’s not possible for you to have it plumbed in and connected to your water supply. This means you also have the freedom of installing your American fridge freezer wherever you want.

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Take Me There

Which American Fridge Freezer to Buy?

As mentioned previously, there are now many different styles, variations and brands of American style fridge freezer to choose from.

Along with plumbed-in and non-plumbed, here are some more things to consider when determining which one will be best for you:

Size: there are two factors that will determine which size to go for. The first is the size of the space in which the American fridge freezer has to fit. If you’re replacing an existing fridge freezer or putting it in a space that once housed a different appliance, be sure to measure the space and look for a size that will fit.

The second is how much storage space and how much capacity your fridge freezer needs. If you have a big or growing family, you’re probably going to need a bigger fridge than a single person or a couple.

Functionality: What do you want from a new fridge freezer? If you’re looking to increase capacity, then a regular American fridge freezer without ice dispenser is a good solution. However, if you’re looking for something with an ice maker and a bit more freezer space, then an American fridge freezer with bottom drawers might be a better choice.

Colour and Brand: When it comes to kitchen appliances we understand people tend to prefer a uniform appearance. This means it’s important to consider the colour and brand of the appliances you’re considering buying.

Energy Rating: The energy rating of American fridge freezers is a deciding factor for many consumers. The energy rating tells you how good for the environment a fridge freezer is and also gives an indication of what it will cost to run. Energy ratings work on an alphabetical grade scheme. A is better performing than B, and A++ is more efficient than A+.

You can read more about American Fridge Freezer Energy Efficiency here.

Where to Buy an American Style Fridge Freezer

As we mentioned previously, American fridge freezers have grown in popularity all around the world and continue to do so. Therefore there are now many places you can find them with many different retailers stocking different variations. Most reputable home electrical and appliance brands now have American fridge freezers for sale, however (and we might be being biased) we’d recommend that you check out our range first.

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