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Should You Invest In A Steam Oven For Your Kitchen?

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With the kitchen being one of the most expensive rooms in the house to decorate, largely due the sheer amount of costly appliances needed to kit it out for purpose, we wanted to make sure you’re spending your money on the right products for you, your lifestyle and your family.

Traditional ovens, microwaves and even rage cookers are all great tools to help you bake, cook and create delicious meals, but there is also a not so common alternative – the steam oven.  So if you haven’t considered incorporating a steam oven into your kitchen before then you might well do after reading this…

What Are Steam Ovens and How Do They Work?

Unlike traditional ovens which use dry, hot air created by heating elements to cook food, steam ovens unsurprisingly, simply use steam! By boiling water in an inbuilt reservoir, steam ovens create a cloud of steam inside the oven chamber which circulates around your food and, in turn, cooks it.

What Can Be Cooked In A Steam Oven?

Steam ovens are extremely versatile making them great for cooking just about anything! Just like conventional ovens you can cook vegetables, fish, meat, pasta, bread, desserts and even rice, just to name a few!

Take a look at some of these amazing recipes to see just how creative you can get if you decide to invest in a steam oven for your kitchen:

Autumn Beef and Herb Salad with Orange Dressing

Honey-Wheat Sandwich Bread

Gourmet Beef and Potato Salad

Chocolate Pots de Crème

Crushed Spiced Potatoes

Sounds delicious, right?

Are There Different Types of Steam Ovens Available?

Like most appliances, steam ovens come in different shapes, sizes, finishes, and can even have different technologies integrated. They are generally either small and compact like the size of a microwaves, or the size of a conventional oven.

The following are the two different types of steam oven you are most likely to come across:

Standard Steam Ovens – This is the classic steam oven which simply uses steam alone to cook your food to perfection.

Steam Ovens with Convection – These ovens not only use steam but also use a fan to help force air around the oven resulting in quicker cooking times and even a little browning!

The Pros of Steam Ovens

Steam oven yield many advantages when it comes to cooking food, take a look at the list below to help you decide whether a steam oven is right for you.

  • Cooking your food using steam helps your food to retain more flavor, texture and colour which is why it is a top choice for many high end restaurants.
  • Using steam is one of the healthiest ways to cook food.  Less nutrients, vitamins and minerals are lost this way.
  • Steam ovens are incredibly easy to clean compared to conventional ovens. You simply wipe excess moisture out with a cloth. As food will not burn or bake on in a steam oven there is no need for time consuming oven cleaners and scrubbing!
  • Cooking with steam is quick and easy and can often reduce cooking times.

The Cons of Steam Ovens

It’s always a good idea to weigh up both the pros and cons when choosing appliances for your kitchen, but I am happy to tell you that steam ovens have very little downfalls. One of the only major issues you may find with a steam oven is that food cannot be browned or crisped in it, meaning you won’t be able to achieve that chargrilled look or a golden roasted turkey.

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