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CDA have created some stunning designs of chimney hood and made them available for any budget. Shop from our range of CDA Chimney Hoods below!

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Chimney cooker hoods would usually either be ducted out through the wall or recirculated using optional charcoal filters. Over the years designs have changed dramatically from the standard pyramid shapes through to more contemporary flat designs and more recently, stylish angled glass models. We’ve even got some other unusual designs if you’re looking for an extractor fan that doubles up as a design element.

With over six hundred models available in a variety of colours and sizes you are sure to find the right model to suit your kitchen design. Consider the size of the room when choosing your chimney hood, taking into account extraction rates, noise levels and energy efficiency ratings.

Chimney hoods are just one of the many types of cooker hood that we stock. In our Extraction section, you’ll find many different types of cooker hood to shop from that meet a host of different requirements. With selections of Downdraft Hoods, Canopy Hoods, Ceiling Hoods and more, check out our other lines.

Our Island Hood and Conventional Hood lines are also worth a look if you’re in the market for a Chimney Hood. Be sure to look around so you know you’re definitely getting the right kind of hood for your kitchen.

We have a wide selection of matching appliances to go with your new hood too. In our Cooking section, you’ll find high-quality Hobs and Range Cookers to match your new hood. Our Gas Hobs range has some top-quality choices that offer the classic performance you’re after, and our Induction Hobs offer a whole new method of cooking that homeowners are gradually switching to, for its unparalleled speed, power and control that doubles as a minimalist design option for an aesthetic kitchen.

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If you like standout design then CDA have a chimney hood for you! In a huge range of sizes from the distinctive cylinder hood at 38cm wide to the statement 120cm flat hood and everything in between. They have corner units, pyramid design, circular, flat and more, there is so much variety below. With the option of venting outside or recirculating one of these hoods will go down well in any kitchen. We may be offering special discounts or have some seasonal offers, so be vigilant and see if you can't snag yourself a bargain.