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Top 5 Energy Efficient American Style Fridge Freezers

Samsung integrated fridge freezer

An American style fridge freezer is a welcomed addition to any kitchen…

The main benefit of an American style fridge freezer is the extra capacity to store all of your fresh food and drinks, however many models have lots of useful added features too. We all like to save money on our bills and as more consumers become energy conscious, the energy rating of appliances can become a key factor in choosing your new appliance. Did you know that a refrigeration with an A++ energy rating uses up to 40% less energy than an A rated alternative? We have picked our top five energy efficient American style fridge freezers below:

Samsung RS68N8941SL

When it comes to American style fridge freezers, the Samsung Family Hub is a firm favourite! This cutting edge appliance provides a cool 593 litres of capacity. So much more than just a fridge freezer, the Family Hub also has a 21.5 inch HD Multimedia Touch Screen system with entertainment, family connection and food management!

Twin Cooling maintains the optimum temperature for food keeping it fresh and moist for up to twice as long. You can also manage expiry dates on the SmartThings App, this should reduce the amount of food wastage and keep your shopping trips to a minimum too!

The Samsung Family Hub has an A++ energy rating, meaning your energy bills will be much lower compared to your old appliance!


The LG InstaView™ Door-in-Door® has a unique design which allows you to see inside the fridge without needing to open the door! Simply knock twice on the glass panel and it will illuminate to show the food inside.

The Door-in-Door® feature lets you open an easy access compartment of the fridge without opening the entire fridge door to see what’s inside. This clever feature helps to reduce cold air loss and keeps food fresher for longer.

LG use an Inverter Linear Compressor in their fridge freezers as these use less components than a conventional compressor, making it much more energy efficient. To conclude, this is an extremely energy efficient appliance!

Fisher & Paykel RF610ADJX5

Stylish and sleek, this Fisher & Paykel model has an A++ energy rating. The French style fridge freezer has one large fridge compartment at the top and a deep freezer drawer below.

This clever appliance only cools and defrosts when it is needed, conserving energy without compromising on refrigeration quality. Humidity controls in each storage container allow you to adjust to suit the type of food you’re cooling. This will make sure that your food is being kept at its optimum temperature, meaning it will stay fresher for longer.

Siemens KA92DHXFP

This A++ energy rated American style fridge freezer from Siemens will add a real statement to your kitchen! Finished in black steel, the KA92DHXFP would suit any modern kitchen.

Boasting 540 litres of space, there’s plenty of room for all of your favourite fresh and frozen goods. Equipped with an ice maker and filtered water, you can enjoy chilled drinks whenever you want them, which is ideal when you’re entertaining guests.

You can also remotely view the contents of your fridge using the Home Connect app. Handy when you’re out doing the food shopping!

Haier HTF-610DM7

Last but not least, this A++ energy rated model from Haier has plenty of useful energy saving features.

Haier use LED’s to provide bright and powerful light to give the appearance of daylight inside the fridge so you can see all of your items clearly. Using the Switch Zone means you have the flexibility of operating either as a fridge or freezer compartment. This flexibility is ideal when you need additional space in your fridge or freezer, you can use the space to suit your requirements.

This particular model boats an impressive 610 litres capacity. Perfect for busy households and large families, you can rely on Haier to provide all the refrigeration space you need.

Now you have seen our favourite energy efficient American style fridge freezers, which one do you prefer? For more of our top energy rated models, visit our website here. Alternatively you can call our sales team on 0115 965 1937 for more information on all of our American style fridge freezers.

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