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Samsung AddWash – A Washers Dream

Samsung AddWash
The Samsung AddWash

Given the task of checking out this new addition to the washing world I found myself getting excited over this new Samsung washing machine. Why you may ask? Well if you haven’t had a look yourself I suggest you do.

This new epic washing machine is set to change the way we wash. I know you are probably thinking – is there such a way. Well yes, so get ready for why… you can now add to the wash during the wash. Sounds good right?

The initial reaction is what? How? Well let’s have a look into some of the features that sets this washing machine miles apart from many of the others currently out there in the world of washing.

Samsung technology means that your washing machine can be controlled by your phone. But before you get too excited about that, let’s just park it and look at some of the other main features first.

Add to the wash during the wash…

So let’s place ourselves into the scenario that happens all too often. Strolling down the stairs, big pile of washing in hand, shove the washing into the machine and press start (obviously after you’ve added all your nice smelly stuff). Turn to go back upstairs and notice a smelly sock left on the stairs. The annoyance felt of not checking before putting the wash on, there won’t be another dark wash for a couple of days and now there will be oddly washed socks. Well the AddWash door (title gives it away) means you can now add that stubborn stray sock after you’ve already put the washing on. How cool is that? So all you busy busy mums out there with four lots of washing a day as it is, can now add that missing bib, baby grow, mud splatted t-shirt before the wash is done. Talk about a change in washing technology right? Timing would be everything with this one though – I mean you wouldn’t want to add something dirty and smelly to your wash with only 5 minutes left in the cycle. It isn’t just about adding stray clothing items. You can also add additional softener and rinse only items. I guess you could add what you want, well within reason obviously.

That isn’t the only cool feature about the Samsung AddWash (we’d expect nothing less from Samsung). The AddWash gives you ‘powerful cleaning in less than an hour’. Your wash needn’t take an hour and a half anymore (thank goodness) we’ve all been there when we’re waiting on our washing to finish its long cycle before we can leave the house. It is now ‘time saving’. I must admit I’m loving this feature! It’s time saving due to the Twin Water Supply filling the machine faster, and clever Spin Speed Rinse accelerates the cycle which enables the cutting down of the average 5kg wash (that is around 25 t-shirts if you want to get technical) to just 59 minutes. So less time waiting, equalling more time for you. Who wouldn’t want that?

Undeniable performance of bubbles…

Who doesn’t love bubbles? Better yet who doesn’t love bubbles that make cleaning clothes more efficient?! Samsung have their efficient ecobubble technology that mixes air, water and detergent to create bubbles that penetrate clothes faster, enabling cooler washing temperatures. Making it better for the environment and even better for your bills. ching ching, every little helps.

The Samsung AddWash ecobubble system
The Samsung AddWash ecobubble system

Other key features…

Some of the other fab features of the AddWash are (get ready for the list):

Intense stain removal – simply add the 30-minute bubble soak to your preferred programme and let the ecobubble system penetrate the fabric loosening any tough stains. Perfect for those dried in dinner spills, garden rolling muddy knees and grass stained elbows.

Quiet, reliable performance, less noise and vibration– for all those times you just need a cup of tea and an hour of hush.

Support at your fingertips – The Samsung Smartphone App gives an automatic error-monitoring system that detects and diagnoses problems at an early stage giving you quick and easy trouble shooting solutions so you have much less to worry about. You can feel like your own macho washing machine engineer.

12kg capacity – this is what we like to hear, LESS washes MORE time to relax. Leaving time for more of those cups of tea!

Take control anytime, anywhere…

Now back to the really good bit. If you haven’t found yourself impressed by the AddWash yet, this might be the game changer. I mentioned briefly many paragraphs ago that Samsung technology means you can control your AddWash by your phone. I mean who’d have thought it? With the mobile app, your phone turns into a remote control for your WW8500, WW7500 and WW6500 washing machine enabling you to check your washing from the sofa, the office, the park and no doubt the pub too! But especially the beauty of when you are out and about. This app is currently available on Android and IOS devices.

The Samsung AddWash Smartphone technology
The Samsung AddWash Smartphone technology app

Just to recap. The Samsung AddWash can be controlled by your smartphone (also gives you tech support), it enables the addition of forgotten items, additional softener and rinse only items. It has powerful cleaning in under an hour thanks to its ecobubble technology along with intense stain removal. It is quiet, has less noise and vibrations and is reliable. It has the capacity to load a 12kg wash meaning less washes and more time to relax (one of our favourite features by far). All these features aside, it is stylish with a crystal blue door and ergonomic design. The Louis Vuitton of washing machines. The latest must have kitchen accessory.

So in theory this washing machine is set to change the game within the washing world. What will they come up with next – maybe a talking machine. Now that is food for thought! Watch this space.


What are your thoughts on the Samsung AddWash?

Is this machine a game changer for you?

Would this machine be your must have kitchen accessory for 2016?

We’d love to hear your thoughts. #ACvoiceyourthoughts



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