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Rangemaster Range Cookers Win 10 Out Of Top 11 Which? ‘Best Buy’ Spots!

Rangemaster is Britain’s best loved range cooker brand. They made the world’s first range cooker in 1830 on the very same site in Royal Leamington Spa where they continue to design and manufacture all their products today. Rangemaster is the range cooker at the heart of more homes than any other, helping to create memorable family moments. As Britain’s No.1 range cooker manufacturer, they are a pivotal part of everyday life for Rangemaster owners. A Rangemaster really is the essential ingredient to a perfect kitchen.

The Rangemaster Professional + 90 Dual Fuel has achieved number 1 spot in the 2011 best buy list, topping five stars across oven accuracy, preheating time, grilling and hob performance.

The highly coveted ‘Best Buy’ status awarded by Which? Is only achieved after rigorous product-testing, as quoted in the December issue of Which? Magazine “It’s cooking performance and ease of use earned it Best Buy status. The Professional + boasts just about every feature you could wish for”.

With over two million subscribers Which? prides itself on offering independent advice, engaging in advocacy campaigns on various consumer protection issues and aims to promote informed customer choice in purchasing, so this accolade for Rangemaster is of the highest standard!

As a Rangemaster Approved Design Centre, Appliance City stocks the full range of dual fuel, electric and all gas range cookers in a variety of colours and sizes! We are sure to have the perfect range cooker for you, whatever your kitchen size or style…..

Elite SE 110 Dual Fuel

With its style, individuality and versatility, the striking Elite SE will be a talking point in any home. Uniquely contemporary, design-led and with an abundance of features that make it highly versatile, the Elite SE is one of the most stunning range cookers available in the marketplace today. It offers a six burner gas hob with single-handed ignition, two electric ovens – one fan, one multifunction, which includes the innovative Handygrill and a full width storage drawer.

Excel 110 Electric & Dual Fuel

The first of Rangemaster’s range cookers to offer triple oven cooking. So if it’s flexibility you’re after, the Excel will excel. The Excel 110 is a range cooker that can cater for every occasion offering as well as its two massive ovens, a separate grill and a dedicated slow cook oven. Thermostatically controlled, this additional feature is ideal for hearty casseroles, keeping dishes warm, or simply warming plates.

Toledo FS

The contemporary dual oven Toledo FS delivers simplicity and functionality, side by side. If you’re looking for the simplicity that a built-in cooker offers, then the Freestyle Toledo FS is the ideal choice. Combining the functionality of a range cooker with the cotemporary looks of a built-in appliance, it also gives you the added benefit of being able to place the range-style hob in a different area of the kitchen to the ovens for more flexibility. Both electric and gas hobs are available to complement the cooker, in a 90cm or 110cm width.

Toledo XT Electric & Dual Fuel

Everything you could ever wish to find in a contemporary range cooker (and a large storage drawer so you’ll never lose anything.) The sleek Toledo XT combines a five-burner hob, including a triple-ring wok burner and warming zone, with the added benefit of a multifunction oven. It offers closed door grilling as well as a host of other functions, with an additional second fan oven for total flexibility. The XT also includes a full-width storage drawer to house all those cooking essentials.

Toledo 110 Electric & Dual Fuel

Sophisticated, yet simple to use, the Toledo 110 is every cook’s dream cooker. With its hard-wearing enamel hob, contemporary handles and ergonomically designed control knobs the Toledo 110 is an imposing yet stylish cooker. The gas hob models include two ovens, a triple-ring burner, a half-ribbed, half-smooth griddle, as well as a separate grill compartment. What’s more, the ingenious silver paint finish option offers the sleek look of steel, without the need to polish away fingerprints and smears. So it’s a dream to keep clean too.

Toledo 90 Electric, Dual Fuel & All Gas

With many of the outstanding features of the larger Toledo 110, you’ll find little missing (except a few centimetres). Despite its compact proportions, the beautifully crafted Toledo 90 creates a big impact. Available in a wide variety of finishes, it offers you the flexibility and practicality of Rangemaster’s unique configuration of two programmable ovens, and includes the tall electric fan oven (standard on all fuel options) a separate grill compartment and five burners.

Professional + 110 Electric, Dual Fuel & All Gas

When a cooker is named the Professional, you can expect nothing less than professional results. If you’re a serious cook, you need a serious cooker. With a wealth of features, including two spacious ovens and a separate grill compartment with the renowned glide-out grill system, the Professional + 110 promises practicality as well as outstanding performance. Available in a variety of options (including induction) and beautiful finishes, it will look the part too.

Professional + 100 Dual Fuel & Electric

Those with a 100cm wide niche to fill will love the new addition to the popular Professional + collection. Bridging the gap between the 90cm and 110cm wide Professional + range cookers, the new 100cm wide version shares the sleek modern lines of its contemporaries with a few extra treats thrown in. Like the other range cookers in the Professional + series, the new 100cm model exudes top-end features similar to those you might expect to find in a professional kitchen. Of particular interest to busy cooks is the new tall cavity oven, which boasts an incredible 81 litres total capacity – more than 50% more space than other standard 90cm-wide range cookers on the market. The hob on both Dual Fuel and Induction models ha s also redesigned to maximise space, offering five burners/zones to cater for a variety of pan sizes.

Professional + 90 Electric, Dual Fuel & All Gas

The Professional + 90 might be a mere 90cm wide, but it’s every inch a professional cooker. The compact version of the Professional + includes double oven cooking with a large main oven and tall electric fan oven. You’ll also find four burners in three sizes, plus a triple-ring wok burner and a powerful grill. And the electric versions offer a onepiece, easy clean hob with two dual-zone and three single-zone areas for added versatility, and ‘hot hob’ lights for extra safety.

Professional + FX Dual Fuel & Electric

Highly energy efficient. Highly versatile. The revolutionary new Professional + FX bears all the innovative Rangemaster qualities. Yet again Rangemaster leads the way when it comes to cooker design. At the heart of the new, unique Professional + FX is an internationally patented divider panel, which splits the oven cavity in two, giving you the choice of either a huge 108 litres of cooking space or a highly practical 49 litre oven. Inspired by the popular Professional + design, this beautifully engineered range cooker is a Rangemaster through and through. ‘Single Cavity’ innovative technology allows you to quickly convert the enormous oven offered by the Professional + FX into a much smaller cavity using the Energy Saving Panel  (ESP), making it ideal for preparing smaller meals and saving you money. When in smaller oven mode, the remaining oven space can be used as a handy plate warming area prior to serving, using residual heat. Now available in Dual Fuel and All Electric (Induction).

Professional FXP Dual Fuel

Highly energy efficient. Highly versatile. The revolutionary new Professional + FXP bears all the innovative Rangemaster qualities, with the added benefit of effortless pyrolytic self-cleaning. Your leisure time is precious enough without wasting hours scrubbing the oven. There’s no doubt self-cleaning pyrolytic technology is revolutionary labour-saving feature, which is why it has been added to the sensational Professional + FX range cooker. Quite simply, you’ll never have to clean the oven again. Available in four stylish colours – black, stainless steel, cranberry and cream – the Professional + FXP is a beautiful appliance that’s fully equipped to create delicious meals time after time. ‘Single Cavity’ innovative technology allows you to quickly convert the enormous oven offered by the Professional + FXPinto a much smaller cavity using the Energy Saving Panel  (ESP), making it ideal for preparing smaller meals and saving you money. When in smaller oven mode, the remaining oven space can be used as a handy plate warming area prior to serving, using residual heat.

Elise 110 Dual Fuel

The ultimate range for cooking up delicious cuisine, the Elise 110 is inspired by generations of gourmet excellence. Awaken your inner gastronome with the new Elise 110 range cooker, which is inspired by the passion and panache of European cooking. The Elise 100 boasts a distinguished continental flavour both in its external design and technical prowess. From the stylish, yet easy grip, rotary controls to the coordinating soft-brushed aluminium trim that lends front profile definition, Europe’s flair for sophisticated design is evident throughout.

Elise SE Dual Fuel

Presenting high-capacity cooking with a Continental flavour, the new Elise SE is built for design-savvy chefs. Be inspired by the culinary delights of a fusion kitchen, with the new Elise SE range cooker. At the heart of this exclusive, high quality range cooker is a distinguished Continental flavour that’s celebrated in a myriad of elegant design details. The coordinating aluminium trims bring geometric design definition to the front facia, and it comes in a wide array of colours to suit all tastes.

Elan 110 Electric & Dual Fuel

The Elan 110 epitomises the traditional Rangemaster range cooker, combining distinctive looks with outstanding flexibility. Spiral handles, lovingly crafted control knobs and generous curvaceous doors are just some of the finer details that set the Elan apart. And with its classic looks also comes great practicality. A triple-ring wok burner at either end of its singlepiece hotplate, with four burners in the centre, gives a good mix of burner power together with the space to use them.

Elan 90 Electric & Dual Fuel

The same classic good looks, unrivalled performance and practicality of the 110. But slimmer. If you don’t want to sacrifice performance for space, the Elan 90 makes an ideal choice. It offers all the enviable features of the larger Elan 110, such as spiral handles, curved doors, five-burner hotplate, multifunction oven and separate electric fan oven. But, at just 90cm wide, in a more convenient size.

Classic Deluxe 110 Electric & Dual Fuel

Staying true to the Classic’s styling, the Classic Deluxe 110 delivers a host of innovative, up-to-the-minute features. The Classic Deluxe 110 comes with seven burners including a triple-ring wok burner and ceramic multi zone. The separate grill has been upgraded to incorporate a smooth action glide-out grill, for easier and safer access. There are also two spacious ovens with the left-side multifunction oven offering eight different settings including Rapid Response, designed to bring your oven to the required temperature up to 30% faster.

Classic Deluxe 100 Dual Fuel & Electric

Classic styling in a new 100cm wide footprint brings extra choice to the popular Classic Deluxe collection. Bringing design flexibility to the Classic Deluxe range, the new 100cm wide version is imbued with the same chic styling that makes this collection a firm favourite among those with more classical tastes. Available in a gorgeous standard colour palette, including the latest trend –led shades Rose Taupe and latte, the Classic Deluxe 100 will also complement more modern interiors with ease. With a combined capacity of 150 litres, this new mid-size range cooker certainly delivers on space, and offers a flexible design with two ovens and a separate grill. The robust gas hob (Dual Fuel model) also provides plenty of room to manoeuvre and includes a large cast iron wok burner with ample space for additional pans alongside.

Classic Deluxe 90 Electric & Dual Fuel

The Classic Deluxe 90. It’s big in everything except size. Don’t let the Classic Deluxe 90’s compact footprint deceive you. It might be small, but it’s big on features. In fact, you might wonder how they were all squeezed in. You’ll find five burners in four sizes, including a triple-ring wok burner, a separate grill 9incorporating our smooth action glide-out grill) as well as the practicality of two ovens with the left-side multifunction oven offering eight different settings, including Rapid Response.

Classic 110 Electric, Dual Fuel & All Gas

With bevelled doors, elegant windows and towel rail, the Classic 110 offers everything you’d expect from a traditional range cooker. The Classic 110 is a classic in every sense. As well as its spacious, fully programmable oven, you’ll find a separate grill, highpowered wok burner, warming zone and storage drawer. The Classic 110 also comes complete with a host of other Rangemaster extras, including a wok cradle, non-stick half-smooth, half-ribbed griddle and innovative Handyrack.

Classic 90 Electric, Dual Fuel & All Gas

Offering traditional range cooking in a compact size, the Rangemaster Classic 90 is unique. From Rangemaster, another world first. The first manufacturer to offer two ovens, including a tall electric oven and a separate grill, in a slimline 90cm wide cooker. As a result, the Classic 90 is amazingly adaptable and shares many of the big cooker features of the Classic 110 such as sit-on griddle, versatile wok burner and Handyrack.

Kitchener 110 Electric & Dual Fuel

First launched in 1830, the Kitchener set the standard for range cooking. It does today too. Designed and built by William Flavel, the son of Rangemaster’s founding family, the Kitchener proved an instant success and graced the kitchens of royalty throughout the world. Today, the Kitchener is still highly sought after. Available in a variety of fuel types, it exudes style and incorporates a host of enviable features, including a separate grill compartment, attractive door furniture and a six-burner hotplate.

Kitchener 90 Electric & Dual Fuel

With the Kitchener 90, a piece of history will take pride of place in your kitchen. The Kitchener 90 is available as dual fuel natural gas or all electric with an attractive ceramic hob. With two spacious ovens holding a total capacity of 120 litres and a separate grill, there is plenty of room to cook for all the family. The dual fuel model has a five-burner hotplate with four burner sizes and heavy duty cast-iron pan supports.

Rangemaster 110 Electric, Dual Fuel & All Gas

Offering the flexibility of a variety of fuel options, the Rangemaster 110 has proved hugely successful. The Rangemaster 110 was the first modern range cooker to be available in a number of fuel options. It is also Rngemaster’s best ever selling range cooker. The gas option includes a smooth action safety glass lid, which provides a flush appearance when the hob is not in use for a cleaner, more streamlined look.

Rangemaster 90 Electric, Dual Fuel & All Gas

The Rangemaster 90 lidded double oven cooker offers maximum versatility in a minimal space. The Rangemaster 90 incorporates many of the benefits of the best-selling 110 range cooker, despite being a mere 90cm wide. The unique configuration of two spacious ovens, including a tall electric fan oven and separate grill compartment means it’s large enough to comfortably cook a complete family meal. The tall oven is an electric fan oven on all fuel types.

Professional Deluxe 110 Dual Fuel

Seven burners, multi-zone hob feature and multifunction cooking – the Professional Deluxe has everything you could wish for – and more! A premium cooking experience with contemporary styling. Let the Professional Deluxe 110 take centre stage in your kitchen. Offering seven burners, a Multizone hob feature and a multifunction oven, including Rapid Response (excelling heat-up times by 30%) this model is perfect for busy families. Now available in Gloss White!

Professional Deluxe 100 Dual Fuel

With a staggering 150 litre oven capacity, the Professional Deluxe 100 offers everything you need from a modern range cooker. With as many features as can be packed into a metre wide footprint, the Professional Deluxe 100 tests the boundaries of maximum features and capacity. With 150 litres of oven space to utilise, twinned with a multifunction capability, five burner hotplate and a host of popular colours, this cooker is the perfect addition to a busy kitchen.

Professional Deluxe 90 Dual Fuel

Professional styling and deluxe features make this 90cm width model a cook’s dream in a small space. The compact model within the Professional Deluxe range, the Professional Deluxe 90 prides itself on a host of practical features. The hob benefits from five burners, with wok ring and griddle plate included, with a flexible multifunction oven to cook to perfection, twinned with a tall fan oven – ideal for batch baking!

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