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Homemade Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

Homemade Ecofriendly, Family safe cleaning products.

Cleaning your home is never the most glamorous job, but with these handmade cleaners it can be safer and more eco-friendly.

The products we tend to buy in our local shops are harsh. They are dangerous for our pets, children and ourselves. The harsh agents in these cleaning products aren’t really what makes them work, so why not make our own? Cleaners that work just as good, but are safe for our families and homes.

Dishwasher Tabs

Cleaning Products that are safe - Appliance City - Dishwasher Tabs

Making your own dishwasher tabs not only ensures that you know they are safe for your family but it will save you a ton of cash. Dishwasher tabs have to be one of the most expensive cleaning products you can buy. This trick for making your own from Easy Home Made costs a fraction of the price and uses ingredients that you won’t mind cleaning the dishes you and your family eat off of.

Furniture Polish

Handmade ecofriendly cleaning products - handmade polish - appliance city

Made with only three ingredients, this handmade polish from Pins and Procrastination is absolutely perfect. It keeps your furniture shining and dust and germ free, plus the lemongrass extract gives it an amazing smell. Make your own polish and I can bet you never go back to store bought polish again. I mean, who wants all those nasty chemical ingredients when they can have this lovely, family friendly, green one?

Laundry Pods

Handmade Laundry Pods - EcoFriendly - Appliance City

Do we even know what is in those little laundry pods we all buy from the supermarket? Sure they smell good, but what exactly are we washing our clothes in? Does it make our clothes wear faster? Does it have built in stain remover? Who knows.

This “recipe” for handmade laundry pods from Pop Sugar is absolutely brilliant. Not only are they completely green, they have a built in stain remover and make your laundry smell awesome! No seriously. You choose your own scent by adding your own favourite essential oils. Essential oils have several purposes and smelling incredible is just a bonus. They last for ages and with the essential oils you can rest assured your laundry still has that fresh scent even two weeks after being washed. No, that doesn’t include wearing them!

Bathroom Cleaner

homemade bathroom cleaner - ecofriendly cleaning products - appliance city

This is no ordinary bathroom cleaner. As you know, the cleaners you tend to purchase in the supermarket don’t actually clean all parts of your bathroom. That spray that has a tangy, chemical odour might be ok to wash down the sink and toilet but does nothing for the tile, grout or shower doors. Well, we’ve found the fix for all of it. This “recipe“, once again from Pop Sugar is brilliant for getting your tile, grout and all surfaces of your bathroom looking squeaky clean. Our only question, who is this Pop Sugar and can we get some of their cleaning / mastermind / inventive brains?!

Need an eco-friendly way to clean your oven? Check out our oven cleaning guide.

If you have you own make at home cleaning recipes, why not share them with us? We’re always looking for ways to go green, save money and make the world a safer place for our family.

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