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Discover Induction Cooking with Stoves

Appliance City & Stoves Induction Cooking

Stoves have always been innovators of cooking technology and now they have introduced an induction hob with a whole host of helpful features making it even more affordable.

Cooking with induction can save you time and money, making it a perfect choice for the kitchen. If you’ve  previously cooked on gas or electric you’re probably thinking, ‘What’s it all about?” Well, today we share a few features, benefits and tips on choosing a Stoves Induction Hob for your home.

Why Choose Induction? Save Money | Shop Stove Induction Hobs with Appliance City

Save on energy bills. These days everyone is glad of saving a little money on their household bills and with induction hobs you can do just that. The induction zones only heat the pan directly, meaning you’re not wasting energy heating the area around the pan. Did you know? Induction cooking is 30% more energy efficient than a gas hob and 25% more efficient than a ceramic hob.

Why Choose Induction? Safe for the Family | Shop Stove Induction Hobs with Appliance City

Safer to use. Let’s face it the kitchen can be a hazardous place so it’s great to know that your kitchen appliance has got your safety covered. The hob will only work when a suitable pan is placed on a zone and if left unattended for a long period of time all cookzones will automatically turn off. If you’ve got inquisitive little ones around then it’s also good to know that the controls can be locked so that they can’t be changed accidentally.

Why Choose Induction? Simple To Use | Shop Stove Induction Hobs with Appliance City

Simple To Check. Here’s a Top Tip for checking to see if you’re pans are suitable  for induction cooking. Most pans with a ferrous base will work with an induction hob. Simply check by holding a magnet to the pan base, if it connects, you’re good to go and the pan is suitable. Ferrous pans are usually stainless steel, enameled steel or cast iron.

Why Choose Induction? Speed of Heat Up | Shop Stove Induction Hobs with Appliance City

Faster to heat up. You’ll be looking after this wonderful planet of ours with induction cooking. Since the hob is so quick to heat, it uses less energy to reach the right temperature, you’ll be ready to cook, boil or fry in no time at all. Did you know? Induction hobs are nearly twice as fast as a gas hob and 30% faster than ceramic. And, if you’re in a real rush, you have the option of a power boost which draws additional power when required – perfect for wok cooking or rustling something up in a hurry.

Stoves SIH600TC 60cm Induction Hob Overview | Buy at Appliance City

The Stoves SIH600TC 60cm Induction Hob Features in more detail.

4 Zone InductionHob

Each zone is rated 1.4-1.85 kW and has 9 power levels plus boost.

Easy to use Touch Controls

You don’t have to be a culinary genius to make great dishes with this versatile hob. The clever, easy-touch control panel puts you in charge of the heat settings and all at the touch of a finger. Teamed with the digital display you’ll be able to monitor the temperature at a quick glance, making cooking easier than ever!

Power Boost

Temporarily boosts the power to a cook zone, all areas can be boosted for a period of 10 minutes.,  After 10 minutes a beep sounds and the heater will return to level ‘9’.


All 4 cooking zones can be operated under the timer independently & at the same time for up to 99 minutes.

Standard 32 amp Supply

The hob requires a regular 32 amp supply which  is standard in most kitchens.

Child Lock

Disables all of the hob’s controls for added safety prevents unintentional operation of the hob.

Auto Shutdown

If left unattended for a long period, all cook zones on the hob are turned off safely.

Pan Overheat Detection

As soon as you lift the pan off the zone the power is automatically reduced, helping to save energy.  The hob will not function until a suitable plan is placed on the ring.

Residual Heat Indicators

This feature not only warns of hot surfaces but also indicates residual heat which can be used as a temporary warm zone.

Shop Stoves Induction Hobs with Appliance City

Need some more advice? Just call our friendly sales team who will gladly chat further about the great features and benefits of buying a Stoves Induction Hob. The number to call? 0115 965 1937

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