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Baking for Brownie Day!

Brownie day - Recipes - Appliance City

After the amazing brownies that were served up at our Range Cooker Event by Chef Alex, here at Appliance City we have a fondness for brownies. When we heard there was a day to celebrate them, well of course we had to take part!

Brownies are like a love child of chocolate cake and cookie dough. Chocolatey, gooey, chewy and we just can’t get enough of them.

Salted Caramel Chocolate Brownies

Brownies - Recipes - Salted Caramel - Appliance City

We may as well start as we mean to carry on. These salted caramel brownies from Homemade Hooplah are absolutely divine. If you are a fan of brownies that aren’t cakey and carmel that makes things deliciously gooey these brownies are perfect. A bit of a twist would be to add some pecans into the mix to have a beautiful crunchy texture pop up every few bites or so. Judging by how fast Chef Alex’s salted caramel brownies disappeared, you may want to make more than one batch.

Nutella Brownies

Brownies - Recipes - Nutella Brownies - Appliance City

You will rarely read that I don’t like something when it comes to food. I’m very open minded and love to try new ingredients and flavours but like marmite, some things you either love or hate. Nutella is one of these ingredients. Whilst I will eat it, it isn’t something I’m fond of. I know, I know hypocrisy!  People love Nutella, whether it is on their toast, a waffle, a donut filled with it or these gorgeous fudgy, Nutella brownies from Buns in My Oven. We have a nut allergy in our house so making these could likely end in a chocolate stained catastrophe, but I can make them at work and fill everyone’s bellies with yummy brownies spreading my own version of holiday cheer.

White Chocolate Brownies

Brownies - Recipes - White Chocolate - Appliance City

Now this is a recipe I can get behind. Anyone a huge fan of milky bars? These white chocolate brownies from are filled with creamy white chocolate and aren’t as bitter as your typical semi sweet chocolate brownie.  If you are looking for something new to serve up at work for someones birthday, bring to a church gathering or as a finger food at a party these treats are delightful. My trick? Add some dried cranberries and some orange peel to the mix. It gives the brownies a beautiful orange and raspberry flavouring that is subtle against the decadent white chocolate.

Banana Blondies

Brownies - Recipes - Banana Blondies - Appliance City

I’ve heard that there may be a shortage of bananas in the years to come, so you might want to snap up this recipe and make them quick! Cookies and Cups delivers a mouthwatering brown butter banana blondie with a brown sugar icing that is to die for. I love when brownies are more chewy than cakey and these definitely fit the bill. Add white chocolate chips or walnuts, maybe a bit of cinnamon or not! The original recipe is perfection – I just love fiddling with recipes to make them my own. Why not try these today?

Irish Cream Brownies

Brownies - Recipes - Irish Cream Brownies - Appliance City

These brownies from Wonky Wonderful are lovely cakey brownies with a Bailey’s flavoured twist. Add Irish Whiskey to brownies? I would have never imagined doing such a thing, but her they are and don’t they look gorgeous. Whilst the recipe is intended for something like St Patricks day why not serve them instead of rum cake at Christmas? I mean, who doesn’t love a good rum cake but after 45 of them through December the thought of an Irish Whiskey brownies is definitely more pleasing.

In spirit of the season, our post on handmade gifts and to celebrate brownie day, I thought that this would be a lovely, festive addition.

Brownie Mix in a Jar

Handmade gifts - recipes - brownie in a jar - appliance city

Of course for this beautiful handmade gift we’d have to make our own metric revisions to the recipe but it’s the perfect gift to give to a family. If you have friends in the neighbourhood and don’t want to buy something for each of them, this is a way to get them to have some family time making memories and brownies together. It’s simple to put together and adding your own flourishes, tags and labels will make them one of a kind.

From blondies to brownies and everything in between, celebrate Brownie day with one of these fantastic recipes!


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