Washing Machine Features

Person emptying laundry from a washing machine

A deeper clean with Steam

It’s true, you get a deeper clean with steam! Some washing machines go that little bit extra to give your clothes a more superior clean. Some models feature steam technology which has a multitude of benefits to help wash and care for your laundry.

Here’s an overview:

A Deeper Clean

Steam particles are over 1500 times smaller than water which means by using steam technology you can penetrate the fabric deeper and give a more intense yet gentle clean. Thanks to the deeper clean, steam can also eliminate allergens, dust mites and any excess detergent which is welcome news for those with sensitive skin.

Energy Efficient

Many steam washing machines use a less water than conventional washing machines, helping to lower your bills one loads at a time.

A Quick Refresh

Steam washing machines have the ability to use steam only settings that ‘refresh’ your clothes in just 20 minutes. Perfect for when your clothes aren’t dirty but could do with a quick freshen up before you head out the door.

Wrinkles & Creases

Many steam washing machines also have specialist programmes designed to minimise wrinkles and creases in your laundry – great news for your ironing pile!

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Can I control my washing machine remotely?

There’s an app for that!

Washing machine technology has come a long way and with apps and Smartphones playing a large part in our lives.

Manufactures are beginning to merge the two together to make doing the laundry even easier.

Here’s the first of the app technology coming through:

A person using a mobile app to control their washing machine

Self Diagnosis

Some washing machines come with a built in self-diagnostic system. Forget reaching for the user manual or even calling an engineer, these washing machines have got you covered. Using your Smartphone and the relevant app, your phone will ‘talk’ to the machine to not only find out the problem but guide you through how to fix it.

Control on the Go

Some washing machines even give you the ability to control them whilst you’re out and about. Simply download the relevant app and you’ll be able to start, pause and check on the progress of your wash cycle whilst you’re on the go.

The Drum – A closer look inside

A very important part of your washing machine, the drum keeps your clothes on the move and let’s water in and out during your wash.

Many brands have created their own unique drum styles to give your laundry the best possible care.

Here are a few to keep your eye out for…

The Sazanami drum from Panasonic features an interior with dimple shaped water spouts, ideal for thoroughly removing dirt whilst still being kind to your clothes.

The Diamond Drum from Samsung has a diamond embossed drum which helps gently keep clothes moving along and the smaller water holes prevent fabrics from snagging and being damaged.

The Honeycomb drum from Miele creates a thin film of water, which cushions your clothes during the wash cycle giving them the best protection whilst spinning.

Delay Start Function

With many of us living busy lives sometimes there are times when we need to plan ahead.

The delay start function, available on many washing machines, allows you to control the start of your wash cycle making laundry duty fit in better with your lifestyle. Here are some ways you might use the Delay Timer feature:

  • Set the delay start function before you go to bed and set it to finish when you wake, it’ll be ready and waiting for you to dry in the morning.
  • Use the delay start before heading out to work and set it to finish by the time you get home.
  • Many washing machines allow for an hourly delay with the majority allowing a 3, 6, 9 and 12 hour time delay.

Did you know?

You can now get washing machines that auto dispenses your detergent.

Help Me Appliance City: My washing machine bangs when it goes into a spin 🙁

That awful sound, the banging drum, but what causes it? Can you do anything to stop it happening? Is your washing machine on it’s way out?

It’s all about balance!

If your wash load is unbalanced it can cause the drum to hit the side of the washing machine – not good I’m sure you will agree. However, this is less common these days as technologies are put in place in by manufacturers to make sure your machine balances the clothes before the spin cycle. So if you have a modern washing machine, this is unlikely to be the problem and it’s time to look elsewhere for the cause.

How do I manually balance my washing machine?

If your machine is slightly older and doesn’t automatically balance your wash load try this simple tip. Load it up! That’s right, make sure you are filling your washing machine to almost full capacity and this should sort out any balancing issues you may have. Washing with a full load saves you energy too, so make sure you give your washer plenty to go at.

Noticed anything missing?

Check to see if anything is missing from your recent wash loads. Not necessarily clothing but perhaps you’ve noticed the under-wire from a bra missing or a jacket with buttons missing? Chances are it could be stuck in your washing machine and causing chaos. Be sure to get it looked in to.

  • Still happening? If the problem is still occurring, it’s time to call an engineer or look into a replacement. If only there was a reliable appliance retailer around… maybe these guys? 😉

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