A Buying Guide to Washer Dryers

A full washing machine

If you’re yet to own your first washer and dryer combo then you’re probably wondering how good washer dryers actually are and why you would want to own one. To put it simply, they save space, and time (since you only have to load and unload once).

Unfortunately since there are so many brands, models, styles, and finishes to choose from, picking the right washer dryer for your home can be easier said than done.

Step 1: Determine What You Need

This is the very first step you need to consider when asking yourself “which washer dryer should I buy?” Ask yourself and note down:

  • The volume of clothes you wash.
  • How often you use your washing machine and dryer.
  • How much space you have.
  • The style of the room it will be positioned in.
  • If and where you have a washer dryer hook up*.
  • Whether you have a wall vent or require a non-vented model.

You also need to determine what you want. This means considering which finish you would like your appliance to have; perhaps you would like it to match your other appliances, or you would like it to complement the style of your kitchen.

*A washer dryer hook up is the fitting required to connect your washer dryer. When moving into a new property, or purchasing your first washer dryer, it’s important to know where this is in order to plan accordingly.

Pencil and a notepad

Step 2: Measure Your Available Space

Whether you’re replacing an existing model or purchasing your first washer dryer, you need to know exactly how much available space you are working with. This is true for both freestanding washer dryers and integrated washer dryers. Let’s look at each of these styles in more detail.

Freestanding washer dryers

If you are short of floor space then you will need to be very particular about the model you buy. First, you will need to determine which room you’ll place your appliance in. It’s common to only consider the kitchen as a suitable location for your washer dryer, but the garage and utility room (if you have either) are ideal spots too.

Once you have decided which room will house your washer dryer, you need to measure the available space and decide where exactly you will place your machine.

If you have quite a bit of available floor space, you have more options. The best thing to do in this instance is decide where you want the machine to sit, and measure the surrounding space. You won’t need to stick to these measurements too strictly if you have room for repositioning.

Integrated washer dryer

If you do not have enough floor space for a freestanding unit, but are able to accommodate an integrated model, then you will need to measure the exact space you have within your kitchen unit, or under your counters. This style often has less room for error so double and triple check your measurements before moving on to step 3.

Step 3: Do Your Research

This is where you get your inspiration. For this part of the process you need to research popular brands and models of washer dryers. Try and look at the specifications and additional features from as many styles as possible as this will help you greatly with Step 4. Once you’ve narrowed down your list of favourites to 10 or 15 models, the next step is to see how popular these are with consumers.

To do this, you can look on forums and third-party review sites. Read as many reviews as possible, but bear in mind that these can be biased and should come from a trustworthy site to be considered relevant. Once you’ve decided which washer dryer reviews are legitimate, you can narrow down your list of potential options.

Read our Washer Dryer FAQs for inspiration on what to look for.

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Step 4: Create a List of Criteria

For this step, you are going to create a list of specifications and features that your perfect model must have. Consider the following questions when deciding which criterion will make the list:

  • Do I need a washer dryer with installation included?
  • What load capacity do I require?
  • What is the maximum washer and dryer price that I can afford?
  • Which model is the most energy efficient?
  • Which washer dryer is the quietest?
  • What is the maximum size I can fit in my available space?

This isn’t an exhaustive list but it should certainly get you started and help you think of ‘must haves’ for your next washer dryer. Make sure to write these down. A helpful tip is to create a grid chart of your selected criteria on one axis, and your favourite models on the other, and tick the boxes that each model meets. This can help you decide which washer dryer combo is the best for your specific needs.

Step 5: Make Your Purchase!

Once you’ve completed steps 1 through 4 it’s time to move on to the most important step of all – making your purchase! Knowing when to buy your washer dryer is very important as you need to ensure you’ve chosen the best model for you. If you reach this point and aren’t convinced you’ve found the right appliance for your needs, go back a few steps and start again, looking at new models.

If you would like any further information on any of your great washer dryer models then please contact us and we’ll be happy to advise you further.