Reasons to Buy a Downdraft Hood

Downdraft Hoods represent a very modern option for design-forward kitchens that want to preserve a sense of open space. Cooker hoods can be quite cumbersome appliances, downdraft hoods aim to reject that and make your hood a very subtle, understated yet innovative and powerful appliance of the kitchen. 

If you’re undecided on downdraft hoods, or you aren’t entirely sure what their positives are, we’re going to go through the reasons why people opt for a downdraft hood. If these reasons sound like they would benefit you too, then you should definitely consider buying one. 

Downdraft hoods aren’t for everyone though. They might not be the right option for your kitchen so it’s your judgement call. But if you’re struggling to see the positives of a downdraft hood, we’ll explain here…

Space Solution

They can be amazing for people short on space in their kitchen. As a relatively small appliance, they don’t require much room to be installed. They can fit in pretty much anywhere your hob may be. Space is a premium in homes and a downdraft hood can represent an option that allows you to achieve the layout you want.

They’re also good if you have too much space, in the sense of distance to your ceilings. If you have a large, open kitchen with cathedral ceilings for example, and you don’t want to scurry your hob away to the side of the room, a downdraft hood allows you to still cook with open space above you, where a ceiling hood or chimney hood would be ineffective. 


There’s no denying that downdraft hoods have a very alluring design,. The novelty of it makes it a brilliant feature of the kitchen, giving your home a modern, minimal look. Your appliances reflect the feel of your kitchen too. If you spend a lot of time,money and effort on creating a modern kitchen in your home, your appliances need to reflect this too.

Downdraft hoods are certainly a very modern, forward-thinking option that does this for your kitchen.

Another key part of their design is their integration. Because they sit flush with your counters, they are practically invisible when not in use. So if you want to make sure you still have a view of the outside for example, or you want your hob to face a certain part of the room, like in an open-plan kitchen-lounge, these are great for that purpose. 

Ease of Use

A new and modern application doesn’t mean it’s any harder to use. They’re very simple to operate, as most cooker hoods are and they’re also very easy to clean. This is handy as they can also double as a splashback of sorts. Not intentionally, but purely by being near open pans and so on they are likely to get splattered a bit. Staying on top of cleaning your hood has never been easier.


You may think that a space-age cooker hood like this would set you back a lot of money. And whilst some of the models we stock are certainly not cheap, there are plenty of high-quality models that are roughly the same price as our more conventional cooker hoods. So if you’re looking at a downdraft hood and immediately assuming that it’s out of your price range, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

So, if you think that a downdraft hood is going to be a good choice for your home, shop our selection in our Extraction section. We have many lines of top-quality cooker hoods from a whole host of market-leading brands. We only stock products from brands that we can back to keep  our customers satisfied. 

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