Which Brands Make the Best Ceiling Hoods?

If you’ve decided that you want a ceiling hood for your kitchen, but are unsure of which brand to go for, then you’re in the right place. You want the best ceiling hood for your home, so in this post we’re going to look at which brands make the best ceiling hoods. 

We currently stock ceiling hoods from roughly ten brands, and we are happy to vouch for all of them. We only stock appliances from manufacturers that consistently keep our customers happy, so you can have faith in all the brands we stock in our ceiling hoods section. But you want the best, and we don’t blame you.

We’re going to go over the top five brands in our ceiling hoods section, this is based off of their market popularity and our own opinion. 

Are Elica Ceiling Hoods Any Good?

Elica are specialists in extraction. Their brand is geared towards providing smart, modern and efficient extraction solutions for your home. As a result, they naturally find themselves at the top of many lists when it comes to cooker hoods. 

The virtue of owning an Elica cooker hood is that this appliance has been crafted by a brand that know what you need from your hood inside and out. They also have some more budget-friendly options as ceiling hoods do tend to be quite expensive. If you want a good watch, you go to a watchmaker. If you want the best cake, you go to a bakery. For high-quality cooker hoods, go to Elica.

Our range of Elica Ceiling Hoods are well worth a look!

What are Faber Ceiling Hoods like?

Faber are another manufacturer that specialise in cooker hoods. As a design-forward brand, they make some really sleek, modern and stylish appliances for the home and their selection of ceiling hoods is no different. 

If you want contemporary modern design with no compromise on price or performance then you’ll love our Faber range. With plenty of cooker hoods in our other ranges, if none of these take your fancy then you may be able to find some other Faber Cooker Hoods that do.

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How Good are Caple Ceiling Hoods?

We’re proud to support British business at Appliance City and Bristol-based Caple definitely get our vote of confidence. Another manufacturer that creates powerful appliances that performs exactly as you want top, all packaged in a sleek, contemporary design. They have that edge which adds some dynamism to an otherwise standard appliance.

We have plenty of Caple Cooker Hoods for you to check out, and our Caple Ceiling Hoods are ready to make a difference in your kitchen.

Are Neff Ceiling Hoods Good?

Neff are a German manufacturer that have been at the fore of the appliance market for a long time. Their designs and appliances are consistent favourites of our customers. Innovative engineering meets clever design in our range of Neff Cooker Hoods.

Their creations are so easy to use, they look great and their performance is huge as well. Modern innovation has increased the capacity of these appliances and Neff have truly capitalised on the capabilities we have today to create high-performing appliances.

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Are Air Uno Ceiling Hoods Good?

Another extraction specialist, Air Uno have a knack for making cooker hoods that consistently shine on the consumer market. If you’ve got a bigger budget to work with for your kitchen, Air Uno’s ceiling hoods certainly occupy the pricier end of the market, but there’s a good reason for that.

If you want a cooker hood from people who specialise in extraction and receive plaudits the world over for their fantastic appliances, then Air Uno’s cooker hoods are well worth a look. With plenty more hoods across all our ranges, there’s many Air Uno Cooker Hoods available on our website.

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We have a wide selection of top-quality ceiling hoods for you to choose from in our Extraction section. Stacked with excellent performance, great energy efficiency and modern design, there are some truly great appliances available for you to buy on our website. Check out our matching appliances in our Cooking section, namely our range cookers and hobs. With competitive prices and free delivery, save money when you buy online today!