CDA Downdraft Cooker Hoods

Our fantastic CDA Downdraft Hoods are built to rise out of a kitchen unit and extract away cooking odours and steam.

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Downdraft hoods work by pulling the steam and odours from the cooking area and pushing them through the grease filters and down below the work surface to the outside wall through ducting. Alternatively if you’re recirculating the air using optional charcoal filters you would normally fit a ventilation grille in the plinth to allow the warm air to escape. Some models are designed to be flush fitted into a solid worktop such as granite or quartz for a perfectly seamless look.

This flush fit makes them a popular design choice as they preserve the integrity of the clean lines in your kitchen and are a great space saving solution. They also work great in kitchens where more conventional cooker hoods aren’t a viable option. For example, if you have cathedral ceilings in your kitchen, a downdraft hood is a fantastic option.

If you want more flush and integrated options that are good space savers, check out our Canopy Hoods and Ceiling Hoods. These offer similar benefits to the downdraft range and there are some fantastic options up for grabs.

Alternatively, head back to the Extraction section for our complete range. With cooker hoods available in many different styles from top, market-leading brands, you”re guaranteed to find a fit for your kitchen there.

Head over to the Cooking section to find a matching appliance for your new hood, like a Range Cooker or one of our Hobs. With bundle deals available for those crucial money savings, as well as free shipping in the UK, you can save money if you buy online today at Appliance City!

Everything you need to know about Downdraft Hoods

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In CDA’s characteristic black and stainless steel design, smart design features such as touch control and multiple speed settings make them so easy to use. These downdraft hoods are as functional as they are appealing. For the most efficient extraction, we recommend ducting outside. If you aren’t able to, you can recirculate using optional charcoal filters. We're proud to back local British business and Nottinghamshire-based CDA is a prime example of great British engineering. You won't be disappointed with any of our CDA Downdraft Hoods, available below.