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American Fridge Freezer Guide:

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Side By Side Fridge Freezers

The American style, Side-by-Side fridge freezers is a popular configuration and offers large capacities for both fresh and frozen produce. As the name suggests, side- by-side American fridge freezers comprise of a full height fridge and freezer, positioned next to each other and are accessed via the 2 doors. Inside, Side-by-Side refrigerators give users a large and flexible storage space, comprising of a range of compartments and shelving which can often be adjusted to suit your needs.

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French Style Fridge Freezers

The ‘fridge above freezer’ layout is another fridge freezer arrangement which is better known as French Style. This alternative layout offers a large capacity refrigerator accessed by double doors which sits above the spacious freezer storage, comprising of either 1 or 2 pull out drawers. Another French style fridge freezer layout is the 4 door configuration. With this style both the fridge and the freezer have double doors and inside offers a range of shelving and food storage compartments

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Plumbed In American Fridge Freezers

One of the main attractions to buying an American Style fridge freezer is the ability to have Ice & Water at the touch of a button. Plumbed in models require installation before they can be used and need to be connected to your water supply, ideally this should be no more than 1.5 meters away. Plumbed in ice and water dispensers require very little maintenance; fresh water and cubed and/or crushed ice will always be available and all that you need to do is replace the filter around every 6 months.

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Non-plumbed American Fridge Freezers

If your kitchen layout can’t accommodate a plumbed in model then a non-plumbed fridge freezer is the perfect alternative. Instead of being connected to the mains water, non-plumbed models have a removable water container or jug inside. Because these models are not plumbed in, they do require filling up manually when needed. Some non-plumbed fridge freezers have specially designed space saving water tanks which take up less room giving you more space for your favourite foods.

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How big are American fridge freezers inside?

Another benefit of buying an American Fridge Freezer is the storage capacity. Perfect for a large household, American style or French Style Fridge freezers offer plenty of space for fresh and frozen food, from around 450 – 685 litres net capacity. More space means less shopping trips and flexible shelves and compartments help you organise your food, your way. Many American fridge freezers have specially designed deli compartments for meat and fish and innovative, humidity controlled drawers for fresh fruit and vegetables.

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Fitting an American fridge freezer in your kitchen.

As you can imagine, American fridge freezers are large appliances and sometimes surprisingly so. Not only are they much wider than standard fridge freezers they are also deeper and taller. Before ordering it is important to check there is sufficient space to manoeuvre it in to your kitchen, although in some cases, the appliance doors can be removed to create easier access. Once in place, extra space will also be required either side of the fridge freezer to enable the doors to be fully opened and to avoid damage to the fridge freezer or your kitchen units.

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How efficient are American Fridge Freezers?

For those wanting to do their bit for the planet and save money on energy bills, a high rated energy efficient appliance is the perfect solution. Despite their size, American fridge freezers are extremely efficient and range from A to A+++ saving you up to 50% on your energy consumption. This is mainly due to innovative compressors at the heart of the fridge freezer.

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What else makes American Fridge Freezers so efficient?

Other features that make the American fridge freezers so energy efficient include low energy LED lighting. Not only do they last longer but they don’t give off any heat which can interfere with the appliance’s temperature. In addition, intuitive features like Holiday mode allows you to use less energy by switching off the fridge but keeping your freezer running whilst you’re away.

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