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spotlight on smeg

‘Technology with style’ is what Italian brand Smeg is all about. Recognised worldwide for combining quality and performance with unmistakable style, Smeg appliances are at the forefront of design and make cooking, cleaning and cooling a simpler, more pleasant task for their users.

Modern, traditional or 50s style retro, Smeg’s extensive product range spans from range cooking, to refrigeration, laundry to dishwashing and beyond.

To find out more about Smeg’s award winning appliances, feel free to browse through the product catalogues and videos below.

Smeg Styling:

Here's a small snapshot of how Smeg combine two worlds

Discover Protex Washing

Smeg Victoria and 50's Style

Keep your garments looking newer for longer and prevent the colours from fading over time with a little extra care from Smeg.

Smeg machines use intelligent technology for optimum garment care. A weight sensor in our ProTex Plus models precisely weighs the load. And the OptiSense Washing System automatically tailors the cycle time, as well as the amount of water and energy used. Plus, the machine tells you how much detergent is required for each load.

Smeg have two highly professional steam programs in their ProTex Plus drying models. Anti-Crease minimises the amount of ironing required, making it perfect for cotton shirts. And Refresh revitalises lightly worn clothes, removing odours and creases.

Welcome to maxisense
Smeg combining modern design

With the Smeg MaxiSense® Induction Hob, you no longer have to limit your choice of cooking pan to the circle on the hob. Just place the pan on the hob and it will automatically adjust to heat precisely that size and shape of pan. Pans can be placed anywhere on targeted zones, giving you a perfectly controlled cooking surface. MaxiSense® is also extremely energy efficient – the moment a pan is removed, the energy field stops working and no more power is used.

MaxiSense® Induction Hobs give you precise control while cooking, making it perfect for all kinds of dishes. The heat can be gentle enough to melt chocolate in the pan. But the Power Boost function provides almost instant high heat – perfect for when you want to sear meat.

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  • Ovens

    Smeg Ovens

    The extensive range of built-in ovens from Smeg cater for every requirement. You can choose from three main design styles including: ultra modern ‘Linea’, Traditional ‘Classic’ or antique style ‘Cortina’. With superb features such a pyrolytic cleaning, Circulaire and large cooking capacities, Smeg ovens are a great buy for stylish cooking enthusiasts. What’s more, there are a wide range of co-ordinating accessories available to complement your chosen style and create that perfect look in your kitchen.

  • Hobs

    Smeg Hobs

    Smeg offer a comprehensive range of gas, induction and ceramic hobs that all co-ordinate with Smeg built-in in ovens perfectly. With a wide choice of colours, sizes, shapes and fuel types, you’ll have no problem choosing a Smeg hob that fits in with your kitchen and cooking requirements. For added variety, Smeg domino hobs allow a range of different hob arrangements to fit in with your kitchen layout and your lifestyle.

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