Air venting induction hobs are the latest trend in the world of kitchen appliances. Shop our range of high-quality air venting induction hobs below!

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Air Venting Induction Hobs are a superb combination of a powerful induction cooktop and an effective extractor eliminating the need for a separate hob and a hood in your kitchen. Great for space saving, but that aside, they are aesthetically pleasing too. Air venting induction hobs are designed to remove cooking vapours and lingering odours as soon as they appear. They do this by drawing the air directly from the saucepan, frying pan or griddle. So, where a hood would suck the air up, the venting induction hobs has a cross flow which is greater than the rising speed of the cooking vapour, therefore disposing the smells before you know it. Some models come set up for either ducting or recirculating and some can be either or but will require an optional recirculation kit.