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Fisher & Paykel Front Loader Washing Machines

We’re very pleased to introduce the new range of Fisher & Paykel Front Loader Washing Machines. We’ve been busy discovering all there is to know about these great energy efficient machines, here’s what you need to know!

“At Fisher & Paykel, our goal has always been to design and create the world’s most intelligent washing machines that care for your clothes by making them faster, better and more energy efficient.”

What is the Fisher & Paykel SmartDrive™ Technology & Vortex Wash?

Fisher & Paykel SmartDrive™ washing machines use their world first direct drive technology, which has revolutionised clothes washing and clothes care since the 1990s. By combining smart electronics with a direct drive motor and removing the belt and pulleys, these intelligent washing machines sense and respond to each individual load, delivering exceptional clothes care quickly, quietly and more efficiently.

Unique to Fisher & Paykel is the Vortex Wash which speeds up the cleaning process making most cycles less than an hour to complete when washing at 30˚C. Fisher & Paykel explain this feature as “an explosion” It quite simply uses the force of the spinning drum to deliver the soapy water deep into the fabric surface to get the clothes clean quicker.

1. Whisper Quiet

SmartDrive™ front loaders have a noise level of just 54dBA during the wash and less than 68dBA when spinning so you can wash at any time without disturbing those around you. This is achieved by removing cumbersome parts like belts and pulleys, making the washing more not only more reliable but it also produces less vibration and brings the noise levels down to just a whisper.

2. SmartTouch Control Dial

The SmartTouch™ Control Dial is your interface to SmartDrive™ technology. It distils 21 years of SmartDrive™ development into a user-friendly interface, to deliver an expert wash every time.

3. Self Diagnosis

Fisher & Paykel’s Front loader Washing Machines are capable of diagnosing their own problems. A series of user warnings guide you to solve simple issues like “taps not on” or “overdosing detergent”. Should a more complex problem arise a series of fault codes will guide an authorised service person to a speedy solution.

4. Hot & Cold Fill

Unlike many others, Fisher & Paykel’s front loader Washing Machines give you the option to choose whether the water is heated in the washing machine or uses your hot water supply. You can connect to cold only and let the washer heat the water, or if you wish to use hot water from your supply, connect to both hot and cold. Depending on your hot water supply, this may be a more energy efficient option, and speed up the cycles.

Other features in the Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine Range include:

‘Add a garment’ 

The ‘add a garment’ feature allows you to quickly add or remove a garment mid cycle – so if you’ve missed a pesky sock on the stairs you can pop it in no problem. Simply select add a garment and for most cycles the door will unlock immediately. If the drum water is too high, just enough will be drained out before the door is unlocked.

More Control

A wrinkle free option and a choice of three soil levels, give you more control over your wash.


Preventing the unpleasant build-ups that create smells has been made possible with the combination of anti-microbial materials, a Drum Clean cycle and a free draining door gasket.

Which model will you choose?

There are 3 washing machines to choose from within the new range all with A+++ efficiency and a varying capacities (7kg /8kg) spin speed (1200rpm/1400pm) and wash cycles (9 /13) Plus a wealth of features to make life easier and more efficient. Just scroll below to find out more about the different models.

Fisher Paykel WH7060J1 – 7kg Freestanding Washing Machine 1200rpm

Fisher Paykel WH7060P1 – 7kg Freestanding Washing Machine 1400rpm

Fisher Paykel WH8060P1 – 8kg Freestanding Washing Machine 1400rpm

For any more information or advice on buying a new Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine don’t hesitate to give our sales team a call who will gladly help you. Just call 0115 965 1937.

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