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fisher & Paykel.. new and improved


Fisher & Paykel are a premium global brand that have been designing products since 1934 and have grown into global sensation operating in 50 countries and manufacturing in New Zealand, China, Thailand, Mexico and Italy.

With a wide range of stunning appliances, Fisher & Paykel are a very popular choice when it comes to choosing cooking, laundry, refrigeration and dishwashing appliances. To stay in the game (the brands are always out doing each other) new features and stylish designs must be at the forefront, so with that in mind Fisher & Paykel have updated three of their best-selling washing machines, making them smarter and more efficient than ever before.

Models: WM1490F1 Fabric Smart 9kg
WM1490P1 Wash Smart 9kg
WM1480P1 Wash Smart 8kg

All with 1400rpm, these washing machines have Direct Drive and Vortex wash technologies. Now with a hot and cold fill option and larger wash loads (8kg and 9kg) these front loaders are set a part from similar appliances on the market. Now quieter than ever before (48dBA when washing) and (68dBA at full spin) you won’t even know it’s on! Also, all three machines are now covered by 5 years’ parts and labour warranty and they have been quiet mark approved too (impressive, right?).

Fisher & Paykel have brought their world-first SmartDrive technology to front loaders meaning the motor constantly provides feedback to the computer controlling the tumble and spin action. This results in a quieter, quicker and more reliable washing machine, which works massively in our favour as a consumer. SmartDrive technology is a combination of smart electronics and the Direct Drive motor to deliver a wash that is reliable, quiet, quick and better yet efficient. The motor connects directly to the drum which removes the need for a belt and pulleys. This enables the motor to constantly provide feedback to a computer which responds simply by controlling the 16 tumble actions (yes, 16!) used to optimize the wash programmes. This two-way communication means SmartDrive washers sense and respond to each load in an intelligent way delivering better clothes than ever before.


Let’s take a little look at some of the best features before I explain about the individual models.

Quick vortex wash cycles have been developed by Fisher & Paykel to speed up the cleaning process. This is like an explosion during the tumble action which forces the sudsy water from the bottom of the drum into and through the clothes. By getting the heat and agents into the fibres of the fabric rapidly, the clothes become cleaner quicker.

Further improvements have been made to the design, fit and finish, pump and motor have resulted in whisper quiet washers which are the quietest versions yet. With noise ratings of 48dBA when spinning at 1400rpm these washers are amongst the quietest on the market, great right? So, you can rest assured that during the wash you would hardly even know they are on. The perfect scenario for a busy lifestyle in need of some quiet time.

Unlike other front loaders on the market, these Fisher & Paykel washers can be installed with both hot and cold fill inlets. This gives the option of either hot and cold water being directed into the machine or cold water being heated in the washer. Both options have better energy efficiency and quicker wash cycles, neither to be grumbled at.

With a new soak option that is not available in other front loaders now means you can leave the scrubbing clothes in the sink to your washer instead. With a one hour soak and tumble sequence which combines periods of tumbling with soaking encourages the lifting of stains. One less thing to worry about if you happen to spill your dinner down your nice white dress or shirt. Oooopsie. Then there is the timed liquid detergent dispenser which is designed with a dedicated liquid dispenser that ensures liquid detergents are distributed into the wash exactly at the right time in the cycle to optimize wash performance every time.

WM1490F1 Fabric Smart 9kg is Fisher & Paykel’s ultimate washing machine for fabric care with premium features like an interior light, time saver option, soak and wool mark approved wool cycle. It’s designed to match the vented or condensing dryers they already sell.

WM1490P1 Wash Smart 9kg is the front loader that utilizes their SmartDrive technology to eliminate the belt drive, delivering the ultimate clothing care. Using their Direct Drive motor this washer is whisper quiet. A revolutionary vortex wash gets clothes cleaner faster without compromise on a quality wash. Most the 13 cycles when set to wash at a temperature of 30°C or lower will complete the cycle in well under an hour. Absolutely loving the sound of this!

WM1480P1 Wash Smart 8kg much like the above model, utilizes their SmartDrive technology to eliminate the traditional belt drive to deliver the ultimate clothing care in a washer so quiet you’ll forget you put it on. Fisher & Paykel’s front loaders have both hot and cold water inlets so you can use your own solar or heat pump hot water source if you want to or you could just connect to cold and it will heat the water for you.


So, if you’re looking for a stylish, innovative and quiet washing machine with all the latest washing technology that will give your clothes the love and attention they need, then the Fisher & Paykel are a range to consider. You can buy these appliances and many other Fisher & Paykel appliances from us.

Call a member of our sales team today for more information 0115 965 1937 🙂

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