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Fisher & Paykel Companion range

Since 1934, Fisher & Paykel has been providing you with design and technology inspired by their “pioneering spirit and culture of curiosity”. Born in New Zealand, at the edges of the world, it is now a leader in its field and operates in 50 countries. Fisher & Paykel is the definition of modern technology meets sustainability and design: its creation was inspired by the forces of nature that surround New Zealand, and its products are consistently inspired by the humans who use them. This gives the idea of continuous improvement and innovation, that has been transpiring in Fisher & Paykel’s products since the beginning.

As with many great success stories, Fisher and Paykel was inspired by a woman: when Olive Paykel asked her husband to import a new appliance she had seen from the US. Many more appliances followed suit, and later a factory to assemble parts under licence was set up. Eventually, a radical change had to occur for the company to stand out, and this is the same thing that has been driving the company ever since: technology. Advances such as polyurethane foam insulation and the understanding of flexible machinery have allowed Fisher & Paykel to develop top-of-the-range products with unique, novel technologies. Over the years, it has created a variety of original trademarked products such as ActiveSmart refrigeration, DishDrawer dish drawers, SmartDrive washing machines, CoolDrawer drawers and CookSurface cooking.

Fisher & Paykel now:

Fisher & Paykel is now a world-wide brand, part of the larger Haier group, and owning various subsidiaries of its own; both allowed it to rapidly flourish and gain a global reach. The design and engineering aspects are still taken care of on home turf (New Zealand), to ensure consistent top-quality aesthetics and technology, whilst they now manufacture also in Thailand, Mexico, China and Italy.

The company is now famed for its innovation and sustainable approaches. Indeed, these were the priorities since the beginning. Actually, all the values held at Fisher & Paykel are given supreme importance, and at the core of it all: the aim to be the most human-centred appliance brand in the world. In order to do this, they have consistently strived for curiosity and sustainability to drive research and development. This has resulted in the creation of a relationship with their customers, the creation of products that are for real people who lead real lives and that are tailored to their needs. For example, they realise how kitchen-space is now a place to share and relax rather than just a secluded cooking location, therefore appliances should reflect this and be adaptable and functional. Also, being environmentally friendly has become a priority in our modern world, a value that has been held in high regard by Fisher & Paykel for many years. Everything from reducing the energy and water consumption, to setting up recycling plants has been considered, so that they can deliver on what the customers want to see.

Companion range
Now, let’s cut to the chase and talk about what we are really meant to be talking about. I’m guessing if you’ve read this far you must be hooked and are dying to know about the new companion range. As the name suggests, these products are made to be put side-by-side, stacked, spread out, whatever your kitchen needs, but always together and in harmony. As Fisher & Paykel refer to it: “ultimate design freedom”. The range has been expertly crafted to give your kitchen that stylish built-in horizontal gallery look but at a never-before-seen level and quality. The trims have been perfectly adjusted and the displays re-worked to give the whole line an evenly minimal and chic style, all matching. Featuring traditional ovens, convection ovens, combination microwave ovens, steam ovens, warming drawers, and coffee machines.

Companion range – new oven:
The new built-in 60cm companion oven will give you the most professional cooking experience, thanks to its innovative features. Its refined design now features a slimmer fascia trim and higher handle, to be in line with the rest of the range. In terms of cooking, this oven offers ActiveVent technology, ensuring the moisture of your food is retained as you would like, so you can cook anything from a juicy roast to home-made crisps. This oven was designed for multi-shelf cooking: the extensive capacity and AeroTech technology, guarantee every oven shelf gets perfectly even heat. Together, the ActiveVent and AeroTech features allow the oven to pre-heat in record time, so whether you’re running late or early you can have more ‘you’ time.

To make your cooking experience even more personalised, the oven boasts eleven functions, including roast and pastry bake. For all you meat lovers, a meat probe is included: it seems like this oven was designed for a big family roast! Safe door-opening is also possible, thanks to CoolTouch and steady shelves. Finally, pyrolytic cleaning is also included, and for those of you who don’t know what that is, listen up! Essentially the oven is self-cleaning: once activated, the oven will heat up to very high temperatures, reducing every residue to dust (pretty cool, no?!). Then wipe with a cloth once cool.

Companion range – new combination microwave oven:
The new built-in 60cm built-in combination oven will give you the same quality of the traditional oven, but in a fraction of the time. Its practical size means it can squeeze nearly anywhere, and of course fits perfectly next to the new companion traditional oven and over or under a warming drawer, all matching. This combination oven boasts nine settings, from grill to fan forced. The modes can be selected on the stylish intuitive display. As the system is so easy to use, child lock has been included in this product.

Companion range – warming drawers:
The built-in 60cm drawers are the perfect finishing touch to your cooking companion range. Available in black glass or stainless steel, choose which suits your kitchen best! They will all fit under the smaller cooking appliances and give you that ‘matchy’ look. Easily warm-up up to six plates, ready for any occasion. Easily clean-up thanks to the smooth glass base.

Companion range – new coffee machine:
The new built-in 60cm coffee machine is made to fit next to, under, on top of the rest of the range in perfect style. The thirteen programs on this machine is what you call customisable. You can select coffee strength, temperature and multiple coffee sizes, to suit whatever you’re feeling at the moment. Create an automatic setting for the same time each day, and the machine will memorise your preferred coffee. Aided by the intuitive touch display, the automatic setting includes refill, cleaning and maintenance data.

The machine is also self-cleaning internally and includes a removable drip tray and waste container for easy outside cleaning, so your machine is always sparkly.

For more small appliances and cookers as well as refrigerators, laundry appliances and dishwashers, you’ll find a wide selection of each on our website. If you require more information on the new Companion range or on any of Fisher & Paykel’s appliances, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our sales team, they are always happy to help 🙂 0115 965 1937.

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