Gas Hob Troubleshooting

Like with any kitchen appliance, you are liable to run into some problems with your gas hob somewhere down the line. In this post, we’re going to look at the most common problems that our expert staff are asked to deal with and some of the questions they are frequently asked. Hopefully, we’ll be able to remedy any problems you are having with your gas hob below.

How to Clean a Gas Hob

Staying on top of the cleaning of your gas hobs is highly recommended. The longer you leave it, the tougher it is to clean up, plus the stains are not a good look on an otherwise pristine surface. It increases kitchen safety, can elongate the life of your pots and pans and will also prevent any nasty odours developing.

To clean your gas hob, you need the following:

  • A microfibre cloth
  • A paper clip
  • Washing up liquid
  • Kitchen cleaner/bicarbonate of soda

Following these easy steps, you can get your hob looking squeaky clean again:

  1. Using your paper clip, or anything like it such as a pin or needle, unclog your burner from grease and food. Be careful with this, you don’t want to cause any damage to the hob, you’re simply removing larger, stubborn debris that won’t come off with a wipe of the cloth. Once you’ve removed debris from the burners, go over it with a cloth, hot water and some kitchen cleaner and any blockages should be gone.
  2. If you haven’t already, remove all the parts of your hob. The removable burner plates can go into a sink of hot water. Let it soak in washing up liquid and hot water whilst you tackle the rest of it. Don’t use too much water on the gas hob and don’t use a soaking wet cloth. Use your kitchen cleaner on the hob whilst the burners soak in the sink. If you don’t have any kitchen cleaner, you can make a paste that is half water and half bicarbonate of soda to remove stubborn stains.
  3. Once all the stubborn stains have been removed or loosened up, just go over it with a damp cloth and make sure it’s shining.
  4. Dry off your soaking parts and the hob surface with a dry towel or simply leave them all to dry naturally before reassembling your hob. Once it’s dry you’re all good to go.

How to Unblock Gas Hob Jets

This is a common problem with gas hobs. If one of your burners is sparking but not burning, or only half of a burner is lit, it means that the jets are likely to be blocked. This can happen by something as innocuous as starchy water overflowing onto it as well as general staining and mess.

The way to fix this has already been mentioned in the previous section. It is essentially step one of the how to clean your gas hob process. But we’ll go into a little bit more detail here.

On your gas hob, you will see a series of holes around the burner where gas normally shoots out from. Taking your paper clip, straight pin, needle or so on, you simply need to unclog those holes with it.

Do not use a toothpick or anything that could snap. If you use a toothpick and it snaps inside the burner, then you’ve got a serious blockage and you’ll need to call in the cavalry. If your hob still isn’t working after doing this, and you can’t discernibly pin it down to something else, then it may be time to call in a professional.

What to Do If Your Gas Hob Will Not Stay Lit

If you have cleaned your gas hob thoroughly, and they do not stay alight, then it could be down a couple of things. For example, an issue we get asked about is the burner being lit, but as soon as you release the dial, it goes out.

If this is happening to you, it is likely that there is a problem with the thermocouple. This isn’t easily fixed yourself and may require a new part.

Otherwise, keep on top of the cleaning and check for blockages. You can wipe the thermocouple yourself with a damp cloth, but if that doesn’t do the trick, then you may need to call for back-up.

What to Do If Your Gas Hob Will Not Stop Clicking

First things first, if your gas hob will not stop sparking, this is normally not dangerous. However, if you smell gas, you should contact your gas supplier immediately.

Again, the best and first thing you can do is clean the hob. This can often be caused by excess moisture or food debris interfering with the ignitor switch. You ‘ll want to make sure you’re really getting in there for this, so you may want to co-opt an old toothbrush or nylon scrub pad to make sure you’re cleaning it effectively.

If that doesn’t work, try and ensure that everything is aligned properly, a loose burner plate can cause the gas hob to click continually. Make sure everything is in the right place and if the problem still persists, you’ll need some professional help. It may be a case of a faulty part.

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Gas Hobs: Frequently Asked Questions

We noticed that quite a few of the same questions crop up when someone gets in touch with a query about their gas hob. We’re going to go through five of the most common, so if you also are experiencing the same trouble or have the same question, you can get an answer below.

Can a Gas Hob Leak?

Any appliance that uses gas can conceivably leak it. This is an important reason to make sure that your gas hob is always working well. A well-serviced and maintained gas hob should have no reason to leak.

If you do smell gas, here’s what to do. Make sure all the gas hob switches are turned off. If your oven uses gas as well, make sure that’s turned off too. You can normally switch off your gas supply via an emergency valve next to the gas meter. Turn it off and call your gas supplier, you should stay put and make sure everyone is away from the appliance whilst you wait for assistance.

Can a Gas Hob Go In the Dishwasher?

Gas hobs are easy enough to clean by hand, but it is possible to call in the help of your dishwasher. You may especially need this help with the cast iron racks of a hob, as they don’t fit in the sink easily. Be warned that the dishwasher salt can cause the cast iron to rust, so it is not recommended. Enamel plates can go in the dishwasher if you don’t want to clean them by hand, too.

A good trick is using baby oil on your stainless steel surface to get a beautiful shine.

Can a Gas Hob Go Under a Window?

Whilst there is nothing stopping you from putting a gas hob underneath a window, it is not recommended. There is a chance it could come into contact with combustible materials, like a curtain. The hob will spit out at the window, so you’ll have to clean your window a lot. If your window isn’t heat resistant, it could get damaged.

People often think that putting a hob underneath a window is a good workaround for a cooker hood. However, if you need the window open every time you cook, the hob could be extinguished by wind. Not to mention, if its cold, windy and raining outside, this could make the room cold whilst you cook, and rain could get on the hobs if you have the window open.

There’s nothing stopping you, but it’s a very bad idea.

Why is my Gas Hob Flame Orange?

If your gas hob flame is burning orange, then your worktop needs attention immediately. An orange or yellow flame means that it’s releasing carbon monoxide as it burns which isn’t what you want at all.

A healthy flame will just be blue. It can be temporary and caused by particles in the air. But most of the time, it’s caused by a dirty hob. Make sure you give it a clean. If the problem persists, call in a professional.

Can You Fit a Gas Hob Yourself?

Sure, you can fit a gas hob yourself, but it isn’t legal. Since 2009, any gas appliance in your home has to have been installed by a Gas Safe engineer. Make sure that whoever installs your appliance is definitely on the register.

If you try and dodge this and do it yourself, you could end up in a spot of bother. Illegal gas work can open yourself up to be heavily fined. You run the risk of a greater chance of a gas fire. If your appliance isn’t Gas Safe registered, your insurance won’t be valid in the event of a fire. When it comes to gas appliances, don’t do it yourself.

Hopefully, this has cleared up any questions or problems you had about your gas hob. You can browse from our entire range of gas hobs here. We also have extensive lines of induction, ceramic and domino hobs to shop from too, all in our hobs section.

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