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spotlight on liebherr

Liebherr has specialised in developing and manufacturing first class refrigerators and freezers of premium quality and cutting edge design for over 50 years. Innovative ideas are constantly added to the products for enhancing freshness, improving ease-of-use and saving even more energy to raise customer product value..

The combination of classical, timeless design with high quality materials like glass and stainless steel also makes Liebherr appliances the focus point in any kitchen.

Liebherr Features & Innovations:

Here's a small snapshot of some of the innovations you can expect from Liebherr.

Liebherr Biofresh

The right temperature and humidity conditions are essential if food is to retain its healthy properties and delicate flavours as long as possible.

Since not all types of food need the same temperature and humidity conditions for perfect storage, Liebherr has come up with the additional temperature zone, BioFresh, where many types of food can be kept fresh for as much as three times longer than in a traditional refrigerator. This requires keeping the temperature accurately at 0°C combined with the ideal humidity. Fruit and vegetables, for example, stay fresher for longer in conditions of high humidity, while a dry environment is ideal for storing meat, fish and dairy products. With BioFresh not only is the appearance and fresh flavour maintained but the valuable vitamins and minerals are preserved up to three times longer.

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Liebherr Wine Cooling

Where wine is concerned, correct temperatures are always important. From the air temperature which ensures perfect growth of the grapes, to that which governs the aging processes in production, to the balanced temperature for storage of the finished wine. Above all, temperature ultimately defines a wine’s taste and palate – the serving temperature will determine how much it is savoured and enjoyed..

The Vinidor range offers ultimate flexibility and combines the advantages of both wine storage cabinets and multi-temperature wine cabinets in a single appliance. Appliances in the range come with either two or three wine safes, which can be set independently to the recquired temperature between +5°C and +20°C. Accordingly, an appliance with three wine safes can simultaneously store red wine, white wine, and champagne all at their optimum serving temperature. Vinidor appliances also offer the perfect climate for long-term wine storage. The varying sizes of the wine safes, together with the fully adjustable temperature controls, make these appliances suitable for just about any collection of wines.

Buy Liebherr Appliances

Flick through our handy categories below to find the Liebherr appliance you desire:

  • Freestanding Wine Coolers

    For the wine connoisseur Liebherr offer an extensive range of freestanding wine cabinets for both everyday use and long term storage. Many models offer multiple temperature zones for storing reds, whites and champagnes in the same unit, all at different temperatures. This range includes Vinidor, Vinothek and GrandCru models.

  • Freestanding Fridge Freezers

    Many Liebherr Fridge freezers offer the best possible energy efficiency ratings A++ and A+++ which puts them amongst the most efficient fridge freezers on the market. Many of these models offer features such as Biofresh and No Frost, some of which are stunning stainless steel side by side units standing at 121cm wide.

  • Freestanding Freezers

    Liebherr freezers are packed with features such as SmartFrost, NoFrost and electronic touch controls and they offer incredible energy efficiency with some models featuring an A+++ rating. There is also an excellent selection of chest freezers in the range offering up to 572 litres of capacity and boasting features such as StopFrost.

  • Freestanding Fridges

    Liebherr freestanding fridges are available in a wide range of sizes from under worktop height up to 185cm tall and pretty much everything in-between. Some models feature Biofresh in the fridge compartment which provides the perfect environment for fresh fruit and vegetables and prolongs the life of meat and dairy products.

  • Integrated Wine Coolers

    Liebherr built in wine coolers come in a variety of sizes offering storage of up to 64 bottles. Some of these models offer multi temperature compartments for storage of both reds and whites at the same time with electronic controls for precision. These models are finished in brushed stainless steel with tinted glass doors.

  • Integrated Fridge Freezers

    With arguably the most comprehensive selection of integrated fridge freezers on the market, Liebherr offer almost every conceivable option for building in to cabinetry. Features on these models include Biofresh, LED light columns, Soft Close doors and even internal ice makers and some models even offer an A+++ energy rating.

  • Integrated Freezers

    Liebherr offer both built under and built in freezers for integrated use, some of which are up to 177cm high to be installed alongside a matching refrigerator in your kitchen. The flagship model in the range features NoFrost, soft close hinges on the door and telescopic rails on the drawers, it even has a plumbed in automatic icemaker.

  • Integrated Fridges

    There are two types of integrated refrigerator, one is designed to be built under the worktop and one which is built in to a tall housing unit. Liebherr offer an excellent range of both of these designs including models up to 177cm high and offering features such as Biofresh, soft close doors and telescopic runners on the Biofresh compartments.

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