Whether you’re looking to wow the family with a brand new big screen or upgrade to the latest model, there’s tonnes of fantastic features that will make any TV you buy extra special.

The TV is the heart of the home and its features should reflect that. Get exquisite true-to-life colours, immense surround sound and a lightning-fast display with our range of beautiful televisions.

4K TVs

4K TVs deliver extraordinary detail and colour; there’s no wonder they’re the popular choice for modern homes.  

A 4K resolution means there are over 8 million pixels within the screen, allowing for mind-blowing detail and 100% colour fidelity in every frame. They have a smoother picture and faster response time compared to your regular TVs. And with their super slim designs, they fit in flawlessly with any home décor.  

8K TVs

With four times as much detail, contrast and colour, every seat will be the best in the house with an 8K TV.

8K means you should expect perfection. With around 33 million pixels, 8K delivers a hyper-realistic image. It has enhanced brightness, contrast and colour, so every day will feel like you’ve walked straight into the cinema. Designed for flawless wall mounting, 8K TVs are the perfect choice for a contemporary home.  

Sound Bars & Home Cinema

Accessorize your heart out with our fantastic range of sound bars, home cinema appliances and projectors.

Enjoy harmonious sound in every corner of the room with our range of sound bars and speakers. Features such as the Adaptive Sound means every scene is optimised to reflect the realism of the action on screen. And with the intensity of Dolby Atmos technology on top, you’ll hear everything exactly as the creators’ intended.   

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Featured TVs

Samsung Neo QLED TVs

Neo QLED delivers the best possible performance with its quantum backlighting. With Samsung’s AI powered processor, you’ll get intense picture quality and epic colour contrast.


LG’s OLED gives you infinite contrast. The ‘organic’ backlighting achieves the deepest blacks and brightest whites, bringing you the best colour accuracy on the market.   

Your TV Questions Answered...

QLED Display

QLED stands for Quantum-Dot Light Emitting Diode and is exclusive to Samsung TVs. This innovative technology includes a layer of quantum dots within the backlights. These nanoscale dots are able to precisely represent the lighting and colour, resulting in a more accurate and realistic image.

OLED Display

The 'O' in OLED stands for Organic. In every pixel there is a thin film of organic matter that reacts to an electrical current, creating the lights you see on screen. OLED gives you the best contrast as the organic pixels can completely switch off, meaning you get the truest blacks possible.

LED & LCD Display

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, whereas LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. LED lighting is thinner, more efficient and more colourful than its fluorescent predecessor. The dimming capabilities of LED means is surpassed LCD a long time ago, becoming the modern TV display we know today.

What TV is Best for Gaming?

If you like to game, everyones probably telling you to get a 4K TV. And they’re right, 4K will give you the best picture quality for next gen consoles. But what you do need to look out for is the ‘Hz’ refresh rate. The standard refresh rate is 60Hz, whereas newer models are capable of 120Hz. 120Hz equals ultra-smooth, lightning quick gameplay which will give you a definite advantage in the playing field.

Check out if your new TV has a ‘Game Mode’, as this is an easy way to lower the input lag and improve on-screen motion. However, make sure to turn this mode off when watching your regular shows. The higher refresh rate will cause a Hollywood drama to appear blurred and cause something commonly known as the ‘Soap Opera Effect.’


HDR means 'High Dynamic Range' and is standard for all TVs nowadays. It allows for a wider range of brightness, so you can finally see the little textures in the darker and brighter moments. The previous SDR (Standard HD) range flattens colours, whereas HDR is capable of providing a more realistic, well-balanced image.


HDR10 and HDR10+ is the next step up for display ranges. It has a 10-bit colour range (hence 10) and almost twice as much brightness as the old SDR. Then there's HDR10+ which kicks it up a notch, quadrupling the brightness and displaying every frame individually rather than setting one dynamic range for a single piece of content.


UHD and 4K are virtually interchangeable, and most times you'll see them next to each other. You may think 4K means a 4000 pixel resolution, but it really means 3840 X 2160. 4K UHD is used so we don’t confuse this everyday 4K resolution and the larger 4K we see in cinemas. Either way, they both display a sharper, more detailed image.   

TVs come in a range of shapes and sizes, so sometimes choosing the best one for you is difficult. If you're unsure what size TV you need, Which? have a handy calculator so can see what size TV is best for the size of your living room. But if you're unsure on what resolution or features you need, our salesmen are happy to help! Simply call 0115 965 1937 and they'll walk you through what TV will give you the best viewing experience for your budget.